Pros and cons of distance learning for students with SLD

Pros and cons of distance learning for students with SLD

Pros and cons of distance learning for students with SLD and good intentions for the school of tomorrow thanks to technology

Pros and cons of distance learning for students with SLD

When not going to school is good …

If we ask a student with SLD what their experience with distance learning has been, in many cases the answer is unexpectedly positive. With schools closed, in fact, students with Specific Learning Disorders no longer had to face the discrimination they often faced in class.

The DAD eliminated the direct confrontation with the so-called "able-bodied" that made them feel stupid and reduced the anxiety of performance during checks and exams.

Following a lesson in their mother's lap allowed the little ones to feel protected, being able to count on the help of an adult when attention waned and something was lost of what the teacher said.

Even for older children, distance learning has proved to be advantageous in some respects, for example by allowing them to listen to the recorded lessons several times, without the haste typical of face-to-face teaching.

At this point, however, a question arises: is it possible that a boy with SLD should not go to school to stay healthy? This means that he experiences school as an anguish, a burden that he is happy to be able to avoid, without worrying about what he is losing because he has not yet developed the perception of the importance of learning.

Loss of learning

Many students, therefore, did not experience distance learning as a drama, on the contrary, it was a relief. To come out totally defeated by this picture, however, is the school with its educational mission.

If a pupil with SLD is happy not to go to school for months it means that we are doing something wrong. That the school that should be "inclusive" by definition is actually still exclusive and penalizes the diversity of some by categorizing them as disorders.

DAD cannot be the solution because it risks abandoning some boys and girls to educational poverty. For Primary pupils, in particular, distance learning was possible only in the presence of an adult, creating many difficulties for parents.

Not only that: all those with a non-auditory learning style were cut off from video lessons, where in general it was even more difficult to engage children and keep their attention alive than it already was in face-to-face lessons.

What to do?

The question, therefore, is not so much about the choice between face-to-face or distance learning.

We all agree that nothing can replace the relational component of the school swept away by the Covid-19 emergency and we all hope to be able to return to "normalcy" starting in September. This "normality", however, should not be a return to the past, but we will have to take into account what the DAD has taught us.

Using technology to create modern and interactive content, renew traditional frontal lessons, seek more engaging and stimulating teaching methods. All taking care to ensure that the school is a welcoming place for everyone, where no one feels excluded. Because we are all Special Educational Needs and everyone must have the opportunity to discover their talents at school, learning with their own ways and times. Redooc has made it its philosophy, enriching the platform with content and features such as mind maps, interactive tools for the four operations, choice of font and text to speech, focusing on the theme of accessibility.

Accessibility and inclusion that, however, first of all, a child or a young person with SLD must be able to find at school to experience learning as a pleasant experience and not as a hateful constraint.

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