Prostate cancer, new treatment with less risk

Prostate cancer, new treatment with less risk

Less risk of hypertension and reduced neurological and mental disorders. These are the effects of a new treatment for prostate cancer

Cancer: alarm bells that should not be underestimated

A new treatment for prostate cancer could decrease the risks of hypertension and reduce neurological and mental disorders. The incidence of prostate cancer over the past few years has increased significantly. However, this should not be read as a negative datum. In fact, thanks to the increase in the frequency of PSA examinations, it has been possible to diagnose many cases early, and to intervene before the disease becomes serious.

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer among Italian males, with over 35,000 new cases each year. Today a new treatment is available that not only improves overall survival and quality of life, but also reduces the risk of hypertension and neurological and psychiatric disorders, which may be associated with the use of other drugs. This is treatment with abiraterone acetate, associated with prednisone. A specific cure for the metastatic form in the early and asymptomatic phase.

This result emerges from a study presented at the European medical oncology congress ESMO, underway in Copenhagen. In detail it was found that the risk of developing hypertension of any degree as a side effect of the treatment is more than double (2.26) for patients treated with enzalutamide (another drug available for the treatment of the same type of patients) while it is only 1.16 for the combination of the two drugs.

Even for the highest degree of hypertension, the difference is significant, the risk being 2.52 times for the enzyme alias at 1.72 for the two drugs. Also important is the difference in risk for neurological disorders (1.44 compared to 1.13) and psychiatric ones (1.43 compared to 1.04). These new data are associated with those already known, in terms of increased survival, delayed disease progression and better control of tumor-related pain with the combination of abiraterone and prednisone.

"These numbers can be so difficult to understand," explains Roberto Iacovelli, medical oncologist at the Integrated University Hospital of Verona. "In reality they are very important, as they can affect the quality of life of our patients. When we talk about people with prostate cancer, we must consider an average age of over 60 years and of patients who often already have other comorbidities so that the onset of further disorders as a complication of the treatment that can worsen the memory, the life of social or request additional medicine has no secondary impact on the patient. This must therefore be considered not only as a carrier of a disease that must be cured but also as a social individual. So the choice of cancer therapy must take into account the possible complications and the risk-benefit ratio trying to offer a treatment that is definitely effective but also customized on the needs and possible risks and this study shows how abiraterone is characterized by a lower risk to develop hypertension and neuropsychic disorders “.

"These data" continues Dr. Iacovelli "They arise from a new meta-analysis on the adverse effects of drugs used in the treatment of prostate cancer. The first was presented during the American Oncology congress last January and concerned fatigue and cardiovascular toxicity while the one recently presented to ESMO focused on the risk of developing hypertension, neurological and psychiatric events. The data are derived from the analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in which more than 5,000 patients treated with prednisone or enzalutamide abiraterone acetate were included. For each drug the relative risk (RR) of developing a toxicity and its confidence interval with respect to the control treatment using a statistical and validated methodology was evaluated ".

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