Protection under the umbrella: 10 expert rules for playing safely

Protection under the umbrella: 10 expert rules for playing safely

The project "The Protection Tiene Banco", promoted by Lysoform with Fondo Scuola Italia, becomes "Protection under the umbrella" with the advice of the experts

The need for protection and the need on the part of children and teenagers to return to the usual sociability continue even on vacation.

The "Lazione Tiene Banco" project, promoted by Lysoform with the collaboration of Fondo Scuola Italia, which during this school year has supported pupils, parents and teachers in sharing protection issues by promoting "safe play" through initiatives and materials playful-informative, continues with awareness and prevention activities even in the summer months, with the launch of the handbook for parents and children that accompanies them on vacation and which aims to be a useful tool to protect the protection of the little ones while offering games and fun activities.

Thus was born "Protection under the umbrella", a vademecum created in collaboration with experts, Dr. Elena Urso, pedagogist, and Dr. Piercarlo Salari, pediatrician, which contains tips for playing outdoors, in safety, on the beach or in holiday resorts and to help practice good hygiene and disinfection practices while playing even outside school.

The vademecum

Here, then, are the 10 rules to be able to play safely and protect ourselves:

  • Always keep a safe distance and follow all the indications of the Ministry of Health even when you are in the park or under an umbrella
  • Prefer games that avoid physical contact
  • Do not exchange personal accessories (eg towels, bottles of water, glasses, glasses)
  • Clean and sanitize games and everyday objects
  • Pay attention also during the moments of play to any anomalous disturbances, to be reported immediately
  • Wash your hands periodically especially after touching common surfaces (handles, toilets)
  • Do not lose sight of the other good rules of a healthy lifestyle, including sun protection, water intake and consumption of fruit and vegetables
  • Whenever possible, and from 5 years upwards, prefer all games that maintain a "natural" distance such as beach volleyball (simplified for the little ones), beach tennis, running by the sea, building sand castles by dividing the tasks in a way to observe the rules, marbles competition, with parallel tracks, so that everyone has their own path
  • Rethinking new ways for the little ones to play: collecting clams, each with its own bucket, drawing a circle on the sand, on the perimeter of which the children can be placed, building a small seat to play together but keeping distances. (Among other things, for small children, the construction of the setting is already a game in itself), construction of holes by the sea that can become mini-pools in which to bathe their own games
  • Helping children to metabolize the emotions of these new experiences and this gradual return to play in company through a logbook in which to write down new games, sensations, impressions, to be discussed with parents.
  • Lysoform protection under the umbrella

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