Protein rich diet, to tone muscles and lose weight

Protein rich diet, to tone muscles and lose weight

Present in unexpected and tasty foods, proteins represent precious allies of physical fitness

Treating the dietary protein intake is crucial for health. These nutrients in fact represent the 'building blocks' of our organs and tissues. Fundamental for the growth of children, they can also be useful for weight loss.

As for the latter aspect, there are several scientific evidences to refer to. Among these, it is possible to mention a joint study from 2015, which involved several teams of American academic realities such as the University of Missouri.

To be precise, this is a review of the medical literature that has allowed us to conclude that high protein diets – i.e. characterized by the presence of a quantity of protids between 1.2 and 1.6 grams per kg of body weight – are particularly advantageous as regards the management of the latter and the improvement of cardiovascular risk factors.

What is better to include in a high protein diet? The possible alternatives are numerous and include foods that are nothing short of tasty. In this category it is undoubtedly possible to include eggs which, in addition to being an extraordinary source of protein, are characterized by an important content of vitamins and minerals.

When it comes to the high-protein diet, the benefits of almonds can also be called into question. Considered among the best alternatives for mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks, they are notoriously characterized by the presence of vitamin E and fiber. Naming them also means remembering the presence of an interesting protein content. The same goes for pistachios and cashews.

Going back to animal proteins, it is necessary to dwell on the chicken breast. Versatile in the kitchen, it is very rich in protein – to optimize the presence of these nutrients in the meal, it is advisable to consume it without skin – and has a low-fat meat

In a diet rich in proteins – which as shown by a Canadian study in 2018 may prove useful also for the improvement of the muscle performance of athletes – it is possible to also include Greek yogurt.

When you buy it, you should pay attention to the presence of added sugars and, if possible, choose a product that is free of it. We conclude with a nod to Brussels sprouts, an excellent source of proteins – about 2 grams in a little less than a hectogram – as well as fiber and vitamin C. Remember that before introducing these foods into the diet it is good to seek advice from your doctor. .

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