Psoriasis, a new cure comes: healthy skin for three years

A new cure for psoriasis arrives that promises perfect skin for three years with a single injection

Good news for those suffering from psoriasis, scientists have indeed put a new cure that allows you to maintain healthy skin for three years.

The study, called Unicover-3, was presented in Verona during the 93rd National Congress of the Italian Society of Medical Dermatology, Surgery, Aesthetics and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (SIDeMaST). Research is the first that shows a therapy with an effective result for so long. The team of experts monitored 1340 volunteers and in 80% of the cases the result was satisfactory, eliminating every symptom of the disease for 156 weeks.

The surprises do not end there, because it seems that the therapy as well as being effective is also very safe, with very few side effects. Furthermore, the miracle drug against psoriasis is administered through a single injection, which patients can also do themselves at home. The results they see already after 2-4 weeks (compared to 24 of other treatments) and, according to those who have tried it – are impressive.

How does this revolutionary therapy work? The scientists used Lilly's ixekizumab molecule, a powerful monoclonal antibody that acts directly on interlukin 17A, a key factor in psoriasis, preventing it from "activating" the disease and making it progress. Furthermore, for scholars, this drug would be very effective even in the case of advanced forms of psoriasis.

"We have available a cure, already very effective over two years, now with results kept at a constant level for a period of at least 3 years," explained to Ansa, Giampiero Girolomoni, head of the dermatological clinic of the University of Verona and President of the Congress -. The sum of more positive factors is a candidate for this treatment among the best first-line treatment options in the treatment of advanced forms of psoriasis ". The new treatment that promises positive results against psoriasis for 3 years is already available and since last June it is also repayable by the National Health System.

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