Public Transport Bonus: here is how much it amounts and how to get it

Public Transport Bonus: here is how much it amounts and how to get it

The Public Transport Bonus is a new measure introduced to mitigate the effects of expensive energy on households. Here is how much it amounts to, who is entitled to and how to request it.

Covid – 19 unfortunately still is not yet a completely faded memory, but what is certain is that it has left behind in recent years a trail of difficulties.

Public Transport Bonus

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First of all economic difficulties. Just think that, according to preliminary estimates provided by the International Labor Organization (ILO) unemployment worldwide could rise by nearly 25 million.

And if we think that the year before the outbreak of the pandemic – that is 2019 – world unemployment it amounted to 188 million unemployed we understand how serious the situation is today.

To this the war in Ukraine is added with all its negative repercussions on the Italian economy: the risk is that there are six months of negative GDP. All this just when we had the opportunity to recover from the post – Covid crisis.

Here because the government introduced the Aid Decree, with which it has allocated 14 billion euros to be disbursed to families in difficulty.

This measure also includes the Public Transport Bonus 2022, which will be able to help students and workers who have an income of less than 35 thousand euros.

The measure was introduced as a “balance” of the expensive energy that now weighs on all Italian families. Here’s what it is specifically about.

Public Transport Bonus: everything you need to know

Let’s start by saying that the Public Transport Bonus, worth 60 euros, it can be used to purchase public transport passes until 31 December 2022.

Public Transport Bonus

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Another measure recently introduced is also the Housewives Bonus, which we have talked about here.

Returning to the one for public transport, we must specify that this can cover 100% of the costs for the purchase or renewal of season tickets for local, regional, interregional public transport and for national rail transport.

However, it will be valid for one purchase only: the voucher is nominative, therefore it is not possible in any way to sell it to other people.

The fund intended for this measure is 100 million euros (therefore forming part of the total 14 million of the Aid Decree).

Who can claim this Bonus? As we anticipated, whoever has a gross annual income of up to 35 thousand euros.

In order to obtain it, it will be necessary show the unique certification and declare the income also in 730 or in the Income model

There is a very important clarification to make: let’s talk of taxable income for tax purposes, therefore not only that deriving from ongoing working relationships, or from retirement.

In practice, we are talking about total income, which includes, for example, any rents received and so on.

How to submit the application is not yet given to us, but in a few weeks at the most we will have certain information on how to move.

What is sure is that an ad hoc IT platform will be created to access to submit the application and which will therefore accept all requests.

Considering that the Transport Bonus amounts to 60 euros and that the allocated funds amount to 100 million euros, more than one and a half million people will be able to obtain it.

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