Punto Z, Tommaso Zorzi leaves Italia1 and moves home: all the news

Tommaso Zorzi

The daily strip of the GFVip winner's program leaves the TV and moves to the net

Stefania Orlando: the relationship with Zorzi and the dream of a return to TV

Punto Z closes but only on Italia1. According to the latest news, it seems that Tommaso Zorzi is ready to leave his home on Mediaset to move to streaming. The company does not speak of low ratings but only of a conclusion that was already planned.

The daily strip was inaugurated on 8 April and was the occasion for Zorzi to have a program of his own. There was no lack of moments dedicated to gaming but also to entertainment. Many guests who took turns in the presence of Tommaso, who also welcomed some of his former adventure companions such as Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pretelli.

Mediaset did not speak of a stop to the program for low ratings but in any case they were not in line with expectations. The target is the young one from the Isola dei Famosi, with a strong response in the 18-24 range, but the results are not what one might have expected from such a strong character.

Meanwhile, he continues his commitment to the Island of the Famous. The young winner of the Big Brother Vip conquered the public alongside Iva Zanicchi and Elettra Lamborghini with his particular ways and his always cutting opinions. There was no lack of clashes, especially with Gilles Rocca, but his presence is the spice of this edition.

A face lent from the web to TV, Zorzi is now determined to pursue his career on the small screen also with personal projects. He did not hide his interest – in the not too distant future – in running Sanremo, which for now remains a desire.

Inside the House he stood out for his decisive but also fragile character. At the center of his experience lies the close friendship with Francesco Oppini and whom he found outside the walls of Big Brother, while his artistic skills emerged through the late show that entrusted him with the production.

However, for Il Punto Z it is not a definitive closure but only a shift in streaming. Tommaso Zorzi's entertainment content will be available on the Mediaset platform with all its guests, games, news and the irreverent sympathy of its host.

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