Pupa's transforming lipstick

Pupa's transforming lipstick

Pupa presents WOW! LIPSTICK, a transformist lipstick that – in just a few steps – goes from the matt and metallic effect to a glittery look

There is a new lipstick, which promises to revolutionize the sector: it is WOW! LIPSTICK, the transforming liquid lipstick by Pupa.

Thanks to the use of latest generation technologies, WOW! LIPSTICK offers an unprecedented make-up experience on the lips: both in the application phase and, once "worn", in terms of color rendering. Why is he called transformist? Because it is precisely this characteristic that makes it unique: just a few, very simple steps, because its metallic-matte (and therefore opaque) finish becomes glitter and super shiny. So this is not a simple lipstick, this, but a real experience for women who – on makeup – ask a lot.

The secret of the new WOW! LIPSTICK by Pupa is in its formula, in that "transforming technology" that – before now – never had been seen: it is with the simple pressure of the lips that the change of effect is obtained, while the very high percentage of pigments allows to obtain a pure color from the first application. How to use? In four steps:

  • apply a generous layer of product on clean lips, free of creams or balm
  • wait until completely dry
  • the lips are pressed against each other, opening and closing the mouth several times with rapid movements (it is important not to rub them)
  • and here it will appear, almost by magic, an incredible glitter effect

Paraben-free, dermatologically tested and made in Italy, WOW! LIPSTICK is available in 12 colors: from the nude look of Merry me everyday to the red Ferrari of Take me to Mars, from the dark red of You're my Queen to the full-bodied purple of You can’t judge me. Complex shades, to satisfy very different women. Or, perhaps, to be alternated throughout the day, depending on the occasion and your mood.

But what are the rules for choosing the perfect lipstick? It depends on a number of factors. For example, the shape of the face: if your oval is elongated with a pronounced chin, it is better to avoid dark and cold tones such as purple and brown; if, on the other hand, it is much more rounded, it is advisable to focus on dark red and the colors that remind the berries, as they are able to lengthen the shape of the face. To be considered is then the complexion: the luminous and lightly tanned complexions look good with pastel colors, coral, salmon, peach pink; olive skin with ruby ​​red, bright pink or fuchsia; the paler faces with light pink or nude colors. Finally, the hair: the cold hair (dark brown, ash, black, light blond, platinum) goes well with light pink, bright fuchsia, ruby ​​red or pomace; the warm foliage (golden blond, coppery brown) with bright red, chestnut or terracotta; red hair, with lipsticks that are not too tight like plum and chocolate.

A few rules, to get an incredible yield.

Rossetti Pupa – Source: Press Office

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