Purchases: the bath tub

Some parents are a little apprehensive when they bathe their baby in the bath.
The difficulties are in fact many: if the child is small, there is fear of hurting him or slipping him; when it has grown and becomes more lively, in the best case floods the bathroom playing in the tub. And let's not forget the side effect of mothers' back pain, who have to stay in a bent position to hold the baby while they wash him.

For these reasons, the purchase of a bath tub gives more security from the first days of the child's life because it guarantees a peaceful and risk-free bath.
It is important to make sure that the tub is placed on a very stable and large surface, suitable for containing everything needed for the bath, thus avoiding having to leave even a moment away from the child.

In second place is the organizational capacity it gives. A bath tub is useful because it can be used everywhere and does not take up much space.
Let's not forget the options: today many have the emptying system with key cap, the non-slip bottom, the folding stand…

The third benefit is the tranquility factor, important because the moment of the bath can thus give the child a moment of relaxation to share with mom or dad.
Setting the bath time from the very first time as a moment of relaxed contact between parent and child, will save you future tears and tragicomedies. Conversely, with a negative experience, the child would run the risk of associating the moment of the bath (or the water more generally) with a very bad memory.
Experience has shown that if the child shows appreciation for the bath, there is no contraindication to washing it in the bath tub even daily.

Remember: the child should never be left alone, even for a moment.
The risk of drowning is also present with a reduced volume of water.
Furthermore, the child could slip and cause serious trauma.


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