Purifying with zeolite: what it is, what it is used for and how to take it


Let’s imagine an intelligent sponge, capable of removing heavy metals and toxic substances from the body that circulate inside it. No sooner said than done. The intelligent sponge exists and is called zeolite, a mineral of volcanic origin that arises from the encounter between incandescent lava and salty sea water. “In nature there are different types, but they all share the same functions,” he explains Anna Franchininaturopath in Milan and Novara.

What is zeolite

Zeolite is also used in agriculture – both conventional and organic – for defend the plants from insects and fungal diseases, improving the chemical and physical conditions of the soil. Unlike other specific products for the agricultural sector, this mineral it can also be assumed by man, because it has nothing to do with pesticides, pesticides or biocides used to eradicate harmful organisms and carriers of diseases. It is simply a natural and absolutely safe substance that helps eliminate toxic substances, in the soil as well as in our body.

What is zeolite used for

The main function of zeolite is to purify the body of pollutants (such as heavy metals), toxins and free radicals. “This mineral has a natural negative charge that works like a magnet, but it also has a porous structure similar to a sponge. This double characteristic allows it first to attract and bind to itself the harmful substances that circulate in the body, being mostly positively charged, and then to absorb them », says Franchini.

“All this happens in the intestinal villi, so the” hostages “are eliminated with the feces.” But since it is a stone of volcanic origin, there is the danger that it accumulates in some area of ​​the body forming stones, clogging the bladder or creating gastrointestinal problems? “Zeolite is not absorbed and metabolized by the body, it just goes through it: it enters, absorbs and escapes. This avoids any risk and, among other things, distinguishes it from other natural remedies. Let’s think of herbal medicines, for example. If we carry out a purification with some draining plants, our body absorbs the active ingredients, which stimulate the excretory organs, such as the liver, kidneys or intestines. With zeolite, however, this stimulus does not happen ».

It can help you lose weight

Other good news: Zeolite can help us lose weight. “When we’re intoxicated, it’s easier to put on a few pounds or develop abdominal bloating, because the toxins cause a state of general inflammation that attracts water molecules. At that point, i liquids accumulate in the cellular interstices, i.e. in the spaces between one cell and another, causing edema that affects the areas of the body that are also most prone to the deposition of adipose tissue, such as the abdomen and lower limbs, in particular at the level of thighs, buttocks and ankles ». It goes without saying that, by eliminating toxins, we counteract this whole process of water retention and, consequently, we “deflate”. «Therefore, the link between zeolite and weight loss is indirect. By taking it in the evening, we do not expect to be thinner in the morning, but we help the body to function better with all the positive consequences that derive from it », the expert points out.

When to take zeolite and to whom it can be useful

Although at any time in life it can be useful to implement an internal purification, this becomes even more precious in some situations: during the change of seasons, when we feel tired and need to regain new vitality, after a course of drugs, after a period of food addictions and when you stop smoking to eliminate all the toxins and heavy metals introduced into the body with cigarettes. “But zeolite can also be useful for those suffering from muscle or joint pain or gastritis, gastrointestinal discomfort or cystitis, which are often all consequences of a general inflammatory state”, suggests Franchini.

How to take zeolite

A good purification protocol must last at least two monthschoosing from a formulation of zeolite in dust (to be dissolved in water) or in the form of capsules or tablets. «Depending on the product we choose, it is important read the dosage carefully indicated on the packaging, which may vary ». A universal rule, however, is to assume the zeolite at least two hours after both meals and any medications: «Being a” sequestering “substance, we cannot exclude that it may also capture part of the useful nutrients or pharmacological active ingredients”.

What are the side effects

There are no particular contraindications, even if it always is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Obviously, those with important pathologies or perhaps hypersensitive to drugs and supplements must always take it under medical advice. “The only known side effect is a little constipation, because the zeolite also absorbs a lot of water. That’s why, during the hiring period, it is important to drink a lot: among other things, abundant hydration accelerates the release of toxins ”, remembers Franchini. For the rest, the zeolite can involve – only for the first days – i typical disturbances of any purification: Removing toxins can cause headaches, nausea, bad breath, insomnia. «The higher the level of general intoxication, the greater this sense of malaise can be, which in any case is temporary and signals that the zeolite is working properly».

The other natural alternatives

Zeolite has the peculiarity of be able to capture heavy metals, beyond the toxins, for which it has an edge over other substances, however valid for a periodic purification of the organism. “Let’s think about the dandelionfor example, or aloe, provided you choose aloin-free juices, a substance irritating to the intestine ”, concludes Anna Franchini.

“Also there foot reflexology it can be useful. In this case it is a treatment, not something to be taken, but it is still capable of operating an “internal shower” that cleans up everything that is not needed ».

Curiosity: the use of zeolite is also spreading in the cosmetic and dermatological fields, because many creams, ointments, masks, scrubs and lotions for topical use are including it in their formulation precisely for the purifying and anti-inflammatory effect that extends to the skin.

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