Put baking soda on chicken before cooking and be amazed: the secret of Chinese restaurants!

A simple move is all it takes to prepare a roast chicken that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside: baking soda before cooking.

There are ingredients that we already go out often in the kitchen, but more generally in everyday life. But we don’t do it right. Or rather, we do not know how to exploit all their enormous potential because we do not know them fully. As in the case of baking soda, a precious ally in the kitchen too.

baking soda chicken

Photo CheDonna-Canva

We definitely use it for the cleaning of fruit and vegetables (it is done with pregnant women, but in general it would be better to take this habit always). Then there are those who use it as a leavening agent in the preparation of doughs for cakes and sweets, because it naturally increases the volume. And there are also all the other uses at home, for cleaning and body hygiene: how scrub for the face, for a good relaxing bath, together with shampoo for softer and cleaner hair, such as toothpaste and mouthwash.

Well if you have done it up to now it is all correct, but there is another very effective and simple way to make the bicarbonate of sodium one of our great allies in the kitchen: it is to use it to cook chicken, but also turkey, duck, guinea fowl. In short, farmyard animals in general, our workhorses.

Baking soda on chicken before cooking – the trick works



The precious suggestion comes to us from Chinese cooking, that when we talk about cooking tricks is always in the front row. Because let’s face it: what’s worse than a chicken, whole or in parts, cooked in the oven and with soft skin?
The crunchiness is one of the real ones secrets for a chicken (turkey, duck, etc.) in the oven prepared to perfection and everyone will appreciate it at the table. They will not necessarily eat it, there are those who discard it because they consider it too greasy, but it is a fundamental part to keep it nice and juicy after cooking.

So, here comes our friend bicarbonate. The secret of Chinese chefs is this, simple simple: a teaspoon of baking soda for every 300 grams of chicken, mixed with a tablespoon of salt.
Let’s mix them well and then distribute them directly on the skin of the chicken before cooking it. When it is ready, just let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 10-12 hours (but if they are wings or thighs even less) before cooking it in the oven.
Similarly, we can add baking soda to a real marinade, with herbs, spices, oil, maybe even a teaspoon of honey. We mix everything well and let the chicken marinate, again, for 5-6 hours. Thus, the baking soda will have time to take effect and we will bring to the table a chicken never seen before.