Put your hat on and go

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Weddings and spring holidays are finally the occasion to show off some hat. In a few still dare to wear this accessory, also because in Italy we do not know neither how to choose it nor how to combine it. Better to follow some rules to avoid mistakes.

1. The starting point is to understand the look chosen to wear it: formal or casual, classic or extravagant.

2. For the summer season, it is better to opt for light materials such as straw and linen.

3. A wide-brimmed hat will be perfect when paired with a loose-fitting dress or a broken one in impalpable fabric. During the test of the hat, better to wear the dress identified for the occasion.

4. The proportions. To balance the entire body shape, dimensions must be studied well, so as to avoid being oppressed by its breadth or diminished by modesty.

5. The higher you are, the bigger the hat will be. The smaller you are, the more the hat must be well proportioned. The brim should never exceed shoulder width.

6. The hat can be worn up to 2 cm above the eyebrow line, so that the face is not covered by the brim or its shadow.

7. Here's how to adapt the hat to the shape of the face: if it is round, the hat will have a high cap and a wide brim; if oval, it will adapt to any shape; if stretched, choose it with the brim wide enough to give harmony, instead avoid those with the pointed dome; if the face is at heart, it will take a medium-sized hat both in the shell and in the brim.

8. Colors and shapes. The headgear must be the same color as the dress, or definitely in contrast. If the dress is a printed fabric, you can try to coordinate the hat with the predominant color, making sure that all the accessories are the same color.

9. Those with long hair will have to tie them in a small tail and fix the fringe with some clothespins. It will be a good idea to put some fixative or lacquer to avoid ruining the fold under the hat.

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