Queen Elizabeth, a rose for Philip's 100th anniversary: ​​the saddest day

Queen Elizabeth, a rose for Philip's 100th anniversary: ​​the saddest day

Queen Elizabeth receives a unique rose to commemorate Philip on his 100th birthday

The Queen in Parliament for the first time without Philip

Queen Elizabeth wanted to remember her husband Philip on her 100th birthday by receiving a special rose. For the Sovereign, this anniversary is perhaps the saddest, because it explicitly marks the death of her beloved Prince after 73 years of living together.

Born on 10 June 1921, Filippo was unable to reach this significant milestone for a few months. In fact, he passed away on April 9th, leaving a void in the Monarchy that Kate Middleton and William have been trying to fill in recent weeks.

Elizabeth therefore wanted to pay homage to her beloved spouse with a significant gesture. His Majesty received a unique rose, created especially for this anniversary, which was planted in the gardens of Windsor Castle in the undying memory of the Duke of Edinburgh, in the very places that he himself helped to modify.

A source close to the Palace stated that the Queen will spend the whole day privately, also because she has to prepare for a very busy weekend with the ceremony, albeit reduced, of the Trooping the Color, the military parade which before the pandemic the Royal Family had attended since Buckingham Palace balcony to celebrate Her Majesty's public birthday. And then on Sunday 13 June Elizabeth must meet Joe Biden on his first official trip to Great Britain.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth receives the rose for Philip

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