Queen Elizabeth and Philip, 74 years of love: a fable that goes beyond death

Queen Elizabeth and Philip, 74 years of love: a fable that goes beyond death

The most beautiful story is theirs: despite the death of Philip, Queen Elizabeth celebrated their love on a sad anniversary

Queen Elizabeth, who are her 10 great grandchildren

It was 1947 – not quite yesterday – when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip crowned their dream of love. Seventy-four years have passed since that November 20. There have been difficult moments, faced together, and wonderful moments, which have always seen them side by side. Theirs is the most classic of fairy tales, which goes far beyond the death and disappearance of Philip, which took place on April 9, 2021.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, a sad anniversary

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth fell in love with Philip at the age of thirteen. For eighty-two years of her existence, she stayed true to that love, loyal to their bond. A few days before the anniversary – and it cannot be a coincidence – the Queen sent an important message, in which she referred to the passage of time, which is relentless for everyone.

“It’s been more than fifty years since Prince Philip and I attended the first meeting of the Synod, and it’s hard to believe. None of us can slow down the passage of time. While we often focus on everything that has changed over the years, a lot remains unchanged ”. Who knows if he is referring precisely to his eternal feeling, which has never subsided.

It wasn’t easy to see Queen Elizabeth sitting alone at Prince Philip’s funeral. We have been used to always seeing them together. To laugh at them, at those knowing looks that deeply touched and moved us. A fable, theirs, which definitely goes beyond death: because the disappearance hasn’t affected the memories of a life together anyway.

The tribute to Philip in a graceful butterfly

Although Queen Elizabeth is struggling with some health problems, she has not backed down for surgery at COP26. A moment in which he paid tribute to Prince Philip, using an important symbol: a butterfly brooch, connected to the photo in which Philip is surrounded by butterflies. Light, special and unique, like their history, which will remain eternal.

How is Queen Elizabeth doing

After Prince Philip passed away in April, we saw His Majesty differently. At first, in an outburst of incredible strength, he resumed his commitments, his duty towards the Crown, the same one that never posed, even in the face of the darkest moments. A courage of other times, hers, that of a true Monarch. In recent times, however, concerns about his health have been at the center of tabloids around the world.

Iron will and a sense of duty are not enough: the doctors advised Elisabetta to rest, to take time for herself. Although she appeared thin, she is still in good health and Prince Charles himself replied to the microphones that “The Queen is fine”. For the moment, however, the Crown is in danger of collapsing: it has already skipped the Remembrance Sunday ceremony and Kate Middleton seems to be preparing to take his place.

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