Queen Elizabeth, "fury" at the Palace for the plans unveiled on London Bridge

Queen Elizabeth, "fury" at the Palace for the plans unveiled on London Bridge

At Buckingham Palace the hunt for the mole that leaked the plan of Operation London Bridge broke out

Elizabeth, the gaffes of Presidents and First Lady with the Queen

A "blind fury" swept over the building after the plans for Operation London Bridge were unveiled. Everything had been established in detail and above all each document was "top secret". The high officials of the Royal House are furious to say the least. It was only a matter of time before a real mole hunt took place. "London Bridge is down" are those words that no Englishman would ever want to hear and are inevitably closely linked with the death of Queen Elizabeth.

From the Daily Express to The Sun, the British tabloids are more vehement than ever. Some claim that there was no respect for the longest-lived monarch in English history. The London Bridge operation is now everywhere: any scheduled event, any commemoration, up to the coronation of Charles, everything has been revealed. A former official and close associate of Queen Elizabeth was keen to point out that Buckingham Palace is determined and willful in condemning anyone who has shared such valuable information.

The words of the former official were reported in the British newspaper Daily Express. “Buckingham Palace was furious the night the secret plan for the Queen's funeral was leaked. One of the former close advisors defined the breach of trust as disrespectful and dirty “. The tabloid harshly condemned what happened, above all because the plan was long conceived and structured to honor a person who, even before being Queen, dedicated everything to the Crown.

The events that will follow the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth, from the accession to the throne of Charles to the state funeral in Westminster Abbey, which will be attended by all the highest state officials in the world, are now everywhere. No secret, therefore, but even more no respect. The D-Day, or the day zero after the Queen's disappearance, will include not only bureaucratic operations, but also important ceremonial operations in which the English people will be able to greet the Sovereign worthily.

The escape of the top secret plans, considered almost "immoral" by the Palazzo, in any case has already been submitted to the Cabinet Office: the Mirror has made it known that Simon Case has already given priority to this matter. Among other things, the plan was not known in its entirety by a large number of people: some collaborators, in fact, only knew certain information. Angela Levin, a royal expert, also intervened in this regard, commenting on the matter with an indignant tone: "Where did our respect for the Crown go?" A question that we cannot fail to share.

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