Queen Elizabeth is not thrilled with Charles’s Monarchy ideas

Queen Elizabeth is not thrilled with Charles's Monarchy ideas

Prince Charles is turning out to be a “disappointment” for Queen Elizabeth: her ideas are not approved

Queen Elizabeth, who are her 10 great grandchildren

Queen Elizabeth is disappointed and not at all enthusiastic about the ideas about the monarchy of Prince Charles, her eldest son. The bond between Carlo and Elisabetta has always been very fluctuating. First in line of succession, we all know that the Queen’s favorite son is Andrea, despite the scandals at court and the shadows on his past. There is great indecision at the Palace, especially since the popularity rating of the English people is kinder to Kate and William.

The vision on the future of Prince Charles’ monarchy has totally displeased Elizabeth, according to the Mirror. We know that he would like to aim for an upheaval of the Royal Family once he becomes King. An ambitious idea, a lean Monarchy, with only seven senior royals to manage the official events. In this regard, Carlo has already quarreled with his brother Andrea, because he wanted to remove the protection of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenia.

Moreover, he would also like to transform Buckingham Palace into a museum open at any time of the year, as well as several royal residences. How did the Queen react to the news? Very bad: the Express has in fact stressed that “luckily” there is still His Majesty. The approval rating for Carlo is at an all-time low, especially after the revelations of his son Harry and the affair of his valet, Michael Fawcett.

The royal expert said that the Queen is not at all satisfied with Carlo’s plans for the future and that, on the contrary, she is quite disappointed. “He would like Buckingham Palace to remain a kind of family home. Her Majesty the Queen will for the moment be moving between Windsor Castle, which is her main base in London, and Buckingham Palace for at least two days a week ”. As much as the Prince is working to renew the Monarchy, it seems that he will not be doing his own thing very soon.

There is a lot of skepticism in Carlo’s future. The English people would prefer a younger monarchy, with Kate and William modernizing it. The latter are in fact second in favor of the English: in first place stands Elizabeth, towards whom the people nourish deep esteem and respect. Hers is the longest reign, with a life devoted to the Crown, alongside her husband, Prince Philip, who passed away in April. All that remains is to understand if it will really favor the accession to the throne of William and Kate or if it will finally trust Carlo, perhaps putting maternal instinct first. Something, however, tells us that it may not be such a foregone decision.

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