Queen Elizabeth ready to leave. But the throne will not go to William and Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton still furious with Meghan Markle. The cause that sparked the tensions

Queen Elizabeth would be ready to abandon the throne, but Kate Middleton and William will not be in her place

Queen Elizabeth would be ready to leave, but the handover will not take place with William (and Kate Middleton), as many hypothesized, but with Carlo. To reveal it is Angela Levin, royal biographer who in the documentary The Queen and Charles – Mother and Son, broadcast on Channel 5, talked about the future of the Crown. At 94, the sovereign would not only be tired, but also eager to dedicate herself to her husband, Prince Philip.

The prolonged isolation, which will probably last several months for her, would have prompted The Queen to make an important decision. In this delicate period, after the farewell of Meghan Markle and Harry, William and Kate Middleton took on all the responsibilities of the monarchy, who took the place of the Sovereign, also helping Carlo, who tested positive for Coronavirus and then, luckily , healed. According to Angela Levin, however, the throne will not go to the Cambridge, as they hope in the mountains, but to Charles. The Queen is planning a handover for 2021: she will therefore retire "making room for her son Carlo".

What will happen? The expert is convinced that the Sovereign will appeal to a law of 1728, the Regency Act according to which, in the event of illness or impediment of the sovereign, a regent can be appointed to assume all his functions without having the title of king. "Prince Charles would be a sovereign in all respects, excluding the title", revealed the biographer. Another way would be the abdication in favor of the son, as happened in Spain with Juan Carlos, but it seems that the Queen is against this hypothesis. In fact, at Buckingham Palace there is no question of abdication since, in 1936, his uncle Edward VIII abdicated in favor of his father to marry Wallis Simpson. A decision that was judged as a betrayal of his subjects and the royal family.

William and Kate Middleton will therefore have to wait before they can fill the role they are preparing for. The Queen, in spite of the always circulating hypotheses, would have chosen to give Prince Charles a chance, who in 2021 could lead the country in her place alongside Camilla Parker Bowles.

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