Queen Elizabeth, tension in Windsor: two intruders break in

Queen Elizabeth, tension in Windsor: two intruders break in

Two people managed to break into Windsor and get close to the places where the Queen likes to walk. And at Court the tension is getting higher and higher

Farewell to Prince Philip: difficult childhood, love for the Queen and grandchildren

These are days full of tension at Buckingham Palace, and the cause is not to be found only in the unpleasant events that have struck the Royal Family in the last period. After the farewell to Prince Philip, all his closest loved ones are trying to return to normal life with a smile, resuming their institutional commitments to support Queen Elizabeth. The Sovereign, however, also had to face new concerns.

At the moment, in fact, the Queen is in Windsor, where she assisted the Duke of Edinburgh until the last day and where she has stayed since the beginning of the pandemic. It is one of the places where he loves spending time the most, thanks to the possibility of taking long walks with his dogs and visiting his horses. The castle, however, appears to be unsafe.

Two people, in fact, managed to evade all types of surveillance and enter the Windsor estate. They are a 30-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman who, according to reports by 'The Sun', were able to climb over the walls. They would then be arrested and released on bail.

An important safety problem, considering that already in the fairly recent past a 44-year-old woman managed to stay in the location undisturbed for about twenty minutes. This time, moreover, the risk was really another. The pair of intruders managed to get very close to the places where the Queen usually spends her time.

This time, fortunately, the Sovereign was safe in the rooms of the Castle. Nearby, however, was his son Andrea. Despite the attention that was required after the first invasion episode, therefore, the surveillance services have not been able to complete their task. A serious mistake that, this time, could be unforgivable and that could lead to layoffs.

For the Queen, already extremely tried by the disappearance of her husband and by the problems that afflict her family after the interview with Oprah Winfrey by her nephew Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, it is a problem to be solved urgently and which makes her still more vulnerable. What decisions will he make to protect himself?

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