Queen Elizabeth, the recipe for Christmas cookies

The Buckingham Palace cooks have unveiled the secret recipe of the Queen's beloved Christmas cookies

Christmas Day is coming and the Buckingham Palace chefs are busy with the preparation of the most beloved Queen Elizabeth cookies.

The Sovereign in fact, always attentive to the diet, on the occasion of the holidays grants a small sin of gluttony. In fact, she is literally mad about gingerbread cookies, perfectly British-style sweets, which are served both at tea time, when the whole Royal Family is meeting in Sandringham to unwrap gifts, and during the traditional dinner. Christmas has its traditions also (and above all) for Queen Elizabeth, who does not give up tasting gingerbreads for the holidays.

The cooks of his staff know this well, so every year they enjoy creating imaginative and beautiful decorations for cookies, ready to surprise The Queen. The cakes are also put on the table and decorated with the names of the members of the Royal Family, from Kate Middleton to William, passing through Harry and Meghan. For a very long time the recipe has been super secret and only recently from Buckingham Palace has anyone thought of revealing how to make gingerbread cookies loved by Elizabeth II.

The traditional recipe, so dear to Sovrana, includes 200 grams of self-raising flour, a teaspoon of powdered ginger, 100 grams of butter cut into small pieces, a teaspoon of spices (nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon), 45 milliliters of milk , 75 grams of brown sugar, 25 grams of white sugar and colored glaze for decorations.

The preparation is rather simple. First you need to sift the flour and spices, then add the butter cut into small pieces and the brown sugar. After mixing well, milk can be poured. The Queen's cooks recommend working the dough well with your hands, until an elastic dough is formed. At this point it will be necessary to wrap it in plastic wrap and let it rest for a whole night.

The following day you can spread the dough to a thickness of 3 millimeters and cut out the molds. Finally, all you have to do is lay them on the pre-heated oven pan at 180 degrees and cook them for 15 minutes.

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