Queen Elizabeth will have her own playground: a funfair in the woods of Norfolk

Queen Elizabeth will have her own playground: a funfair in the woods of Norfolk

Just four weeks after the presentation, the project that is so dear to the Queen has been approved

Queen Elizabeth, pink look and without mask

Sandringham local authorities have given the green light for the works: Queen Elizabeth II will have her own playground.

The project, which is very dear to the Queen, is inspired by Kate Middleton's Back to Nature garden, presented last year at the Chelsea Flower Show and personally designed by Prince William's wife, in full English style. It is known that The Duchess of Cambridge was inspired by her childhood memories to create her "magical" garden.

The project of the monarch, 94 years old on April 21, will see the light in the woods of the Norfolk estate, where the whole Royal Family gathers on Christmas Day, visiting the church of St. Mary Magdalene. According to the recommendations received by Elisabetta, the natural heritage of the area will be respected and preserved, and the inclusion of plants and flowers aimed at improving the biodiversity of the area is also planned.

And speaking of the upcoming Christmas holidays, it is rumored that Harry and Meghan could be the big absentees this year: due to the health emergency, the Queen may be forced to invite only a small number of members of the Royal Family to the celebrations. . Meanwhile, Meghan's name has jumped back to the top of the headlines in these hours due to news of the abruptly terminated pregnancy in July, which she personally wrote about in a signed piece in the New York Times.

In the playground set up by the Queen in Sandringham, there will also be huts built among the trees and wooden swings, cableways and walkways scattered in the forest paths. There is even plans to build an eight meter high tower with stairs and slides to allow children to play. The Luna Park has in fact the purpose of bringing children closer to contact with nature.

The new project signed by the Queen is part of a series of initiatives that aim to improve the post-pandemic economic situation: the closure of the royal residences, due to the health emergency situation, would in fact have created a financial crisis in the Court. , and the playground could somehow combine business with pleasure.

A nice gesture on the part of the Queen to take inspiration from Kate who now, more and more, seems to embody a faithful ally.

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