Quick 5: 2 diet: how to lose weight fast

Quick 5: 2 diet: how to lose weight fast

Followed by VIPs of the caliber of Jennifer Aniston, she provides two days a week in the name of frugality at the table

When it comes to eating patterns that help you lose weight quickly, it's impossible not to question the 5: 2 diet, intermittent fasting every other day. How does it work? In a very simple way: for five days a week we move towards a normal calorie intake. For the remaining two, however, the intake of food is severely limited, keeping around 500/600 daily calories. The caloric deficit just mentioned represents the key factor to start the weight loss process.

Very fashionable in recent years – Vip's adoption of Jennifer Aniston's caliber has undoubtedly contributed to her fame – has been the focus of scientific attention several times. Among the studies that have focused on the effects of fasting on alternate days on weight control, it is worth mentioning a research conducted by some experts from the University of Illinois of Chicago (USA).

The study in question, published for the first time in 2016, focused on the repercussions of diet regimes related to the 5: 2 diet on the modulation of hunger and intestinal peptides, considering weight loss as the ultimate goal. Scholars recruited 59 obese subjects, inviting them to follow an 8-week protocol based on fasting every other day.

At follow up, it was possible to bring to light a decrease in fasting insulin levels. Definitely more relevant, however, are the results relating to the decrease in subjective hunger levels, an outcome which, according to experts, can represent evidence of the effectiveness of regimens such as the 5: 2 diet for weight control purposes.

Another aspect that is crucial to underline concerns the fact that, scientific data in hand, the 5: 2 diet and other forms of fasting on alternate days guarantee weight loss no higher than standard slimming diets (with the same number of calories).

Warning: this does not mean that they do not bring results! Indeed, as far as maintaining lean body mass is concerned, diets such as 5: 2 can prove more effective than daily calorie restriction. To support these claims, several studies have thought about it. Among these, it is possible to call into question another work carried out at the University of Illinois of Chicago and dating back to 2011.

We are talking about a scientific review that took into consideration the data relating to obese adults, discovering that the main difference between fasting on alternate days and the standard weight loss diet based on calorie deficit concerns precisely the lean body mass and, to a lesser extent, the reduction of body weight.

We conclude by recalling that the 5: 2 diet should always be associated with adequate physical activity and that before starting it, it is good to seek advice from your doctor.

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