Quick makeup for the office, work or university: three easy-to-copy ideas

Quick makeup for the office, work or university: three easy-to-copy ideas

In the morning time to wear make-up is never long: 3 quick and easy ideas to implement in less than 10 minutes, to better face your work, office or university

Raise your hand who in the morning does not have time (or desire) to use a thousand eyeshadows and as many brushes to make a makeup and fly to work or university? The ideal is to create fast looks that give a clean air, easy to reproduce in no more than 10 minutes. Perfect for mothers who never have time in the morning, for those who do not want to get lost in nuances but prefer to invest their time in something else or for those who make 5 minutes of sleep more a lifestyle.

3 ideas easy to copy, quick to create, to adapt to your style, outfit and desire for color!

Gradient eyeliner, for a feline look but without complications

You know, eyeliner is one of the looks that we like most, because it gives the eye an elongated look, an intriguing look and is very feminine. Making the precise and equal tails on each eye, however, takes time and therefore often ends up giving up or creating inaccurate and thick lines, to try to remedy the damage of the hurry.

A valid alternative is to make a shaded eyeliner, much faster and easier because it does not require extreme precision. Just dirty the lashline with a fairly soft black pencil, bringing it slightly outwards. Then, with an angled or small brush and pen, the pencil is faded outwards, just like a normal eyeliner. To fix the product and make it last longer, then dab a light layer of black eyeshadow, first discharging the product so that the powder does not end up under the eye. A perfect look for every day, to be repeated also in the evening with false eyelashes, lipstick and some eyeshadow to give even more intensity.

Focus on the lips: bright eyeshadow and lipstick

If you love lipsticks and have beautiful lips, instead of focusing on eye makeup, focus on the mouth. Who said you can't use red lipstick in the morning? Unless you have impositions from above, a touch of color to the lips gives liveliness to the look and outfit. Choose red, mauve, orange tones or tending to pink and fuchsia, depending on your mood.

Apply the lipstick by dabbing it with your fingers for a softer result or prefer liquid ones, for a fuller and more graphic result. They are easier to apply, especially if with a brush. A light eyeshadow, champagne, golden or bronze, just a lot of mascara to give intensity and, if there is time left, a slight fouling of the lash line and the game is done!

Cream eyeshadows: quick to blend for a look in five minutes

Cream eyeshadows are allies for quick and error-free makeup. They exist in all shades, both opaque and metallic and are perfect for those who are always in a rush. You take a small amount with your fingers and blend it over the entire eyelid, then to soften the edges, pass a shading brush into the crease of the eye, in order not to have sharp detachments.

To avoid errors or stains, it is better to prefer light or brown eyeshadows, apply a little at a time and, if necessary, reapply a pinch to saturate the color. Metallic eyeshadows usually create less stain and it is almost impossible to make mistakes, also because the reflections and pearlescences minimize some inaccuracy. Mascara, a little gloss or lipstick and the look is served!

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