Quite true, the stories: Loving in great shape after the disappointment of love

Quite true, the stories: Loving in great shape after the disappointment of love

Alessandra Amoroso returns to the small screen with a new look in the backstage of the new summer hit "Karaoke".

Alessandra Amoroso still smiles after breaking up with Stefano Settepani and, after the delicate phase she went through after the separation, the energetic Salento reappeared on television.

The singer, months after the rumors about the possible crisis with the television producer, last January announced on her Instagram profile that she had interrupted her love story one step away from the wedding.

Some time has passed since that press release released on social networks, but today we can say that Alessandra is fine, so much so that she reappeared on the small screen during the latest episode of Verissimo and she did it by showing herself in great shape, with a all new look. Together with the Boomdbash group, with whom he had already worked on the catchphrase "Mambo Salentino", Alessandra in this exclusive for Silvia Toffanin presented some unedited images from the backstage of the music video of their latest single "Karaoke".

Always proud of Lecce, Alessandra chose to collaborate with the Salento group by virtue of the Apulian origins in common and, if in "Mambo Salentino" to frame their song had been a farm in Martina Franca (Taranto), today the location chosen for the new single is Manduria.

La Amorosa is very different from the girl we met in the blue onesie to Amici di Maria De Filippi and, in fact, during this long and fruitful decade, the casual style of the early years of her musical career gave way to a chic and wanted.

In the clips shown at Verissimo, for example, we can also notice a super particular and fashionable hairstyle for Alessandra, who decided to dye her hair with a new super cool color, which perfectly matches the atmosphere of the music video.

With the beautiful smile to which she has become accustomed, Amoroso seems to have found serenity after the end of the love story with Stefano, thanks also to her work and the projects that keep her busy, giving her many satisfactions.

Despite the delicate period passed, therefore, Amoroso seems to have regained energy by jumping headlong into her career and, thanks to the collaboration with Boomdbash, the former singer of Amici di Maria De Filippi returns to the music scene with a sparkling single and perfect for summer.

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