"Radiant Orchid": this is the fashion color of 2014 according to Pantone

"Radiant Orchid": this is the fashion color of 2014 according to Pantone

Purple Radiant Orchid: the color of 2014

Open your eyes and ears well because we are about to reveal the fashion color for next year. That is, the "Radiant Orchid" (literally radiant orchid), a mix of fuchsia, purple and pink, elected by Pantone, an American company leader in color cataloging and in defining color guidelines in the world of industry and design.

"It is a captivating, magical and enigmatic violet. It is an invitation to innovation and encourages creativity and originality, qualities worthy of ever greater consideration in contemporary society," says Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone's executive director. "Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and radiates great joy, love and well-being".

For the next twelve months, you will have to adapt, if you want to be absolutely trendy: dresses, jackets, shoes, bags and make-up (black cherry, violet, chocolate: the lips turn dark) will all be declined to purple orchid. In the face of superstition.

Simona Ventura (Simona Ventura from the 1990s to the present) showed off a fantastic "radiant orchid" suit on the stage of the last episode of XFactor. Max Mara, Lanvin and Giorgio Armani proposed it in their new Spring-Summer 2014 collection, seen on the catwalk during the last Milan Fashion Week.

And celebrities from overseas are no less so, indeed. From Robbie Williams to Eva Longoria, everyone seems to go crazy for this shade which is certainly not easy to wear, but with great personality. And the always beautiful Jane Fonda, last May, on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, had shown off a long Radiant Orchid dress. Far-sighted …

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