Raffaella Carrà, Coletta's broken dream: "I would have wanted it in Sanremo 2022"

Raffaella Carrà, Coletta's broken dream: "I would have wanted it in Sanremo 2022"

The director of Rai1 says that he would have wanted a new project for Raffaella Carrà, involving her in Sanremo 2022 but also in Eurovision

Raffaella Carrà, the loves and career of the Italian TV icon

A desire that will remain in the drawer, that of Stefano Coletta, who would have liked to bring Raffaella Carrà back on Rai1 and on the stage of the Sanremo Festival. The director of the first network said he was heartbroken by her disappearance, but he also told how he was working to bring her back to television.

The number 1 of the flagship of Viale Mazzini expressed himself as follows in What Resta del Giorno, broadcast on RaiNews24: "This is the first time I have said this: in the last month I have sent you various messages, including the last for his birthday on June 18th. I was back in charge to return to Rai 1 ”.

Raffaella Carrà was also talked about during the presentation of the schedules for the 2021/2022 season, on the occasion of which Coletta had specified: “Raffaella Carrà has chosen to be away from public life in this year and a half. We are trying to talk to her. I also called her for her birthday but she didn't answer me … It remains a desire to bring her for a particular project on Rai1 ".

His biggest dream, however, was to be able to see her again on the stage of Sanremo 2022 but also on that of Eurovision, an event brought back to Italy thanks to the victory of Måneskin with Zitti e Buoni. Unfortunately, life has decided for him and this will remain only a great desire to carry in the heart: "My thought, mine alone, was to want her both in Sanremo and at Eurovision 2022 but there was no time to be able to see us, to be able to talk to each other. Today it is an unprofessional pain, it is a human pain. Because over the years of collaboration I found a friend who had a very rare feature in our work: she knew how to rejoice in the success of others ".

His latest program, A Raccount Comincia Tu, dates back to 2019. The one-to-one interviews took place with some of the greatest exponents of TV, music and entertainment. Among these, also Renato Zero, his longtime friend and neighbor on the Argentario, whom Raffaella had chosen for her good retreat.

With Coletta, a relationship of mutual respect had been established, so much so that they had arranged an appointment for a new project to be launched after the pandemic. Unfortunately, there will be no shows. The void that Raffaella Carrà leaves behind is enormous. Not only from a human point of view but also from a professional point of view.

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