Raffaella Fico: finally overwhelming love arrives

Raffaella Fico has found an overwhelming new love. This is Alessandro Moggi, Luciano's son. They were paparazzi together with Raffaella's daughter Pia

Overwhelmed by an unusual fate in the blue sea of ​​August. To quote Lina Wertmüller's famous film, it is a situation that is well suited to the overwhelming love between Raffaella Fico and Alessandro Moggi, the son of the famous Luciano. Finally after so many disappointments also for Raffaella Fico overwhelming love arrives.

Raffaella Fico and Alessandro Moggi have been several times in love with paparazzi and in a perfect family picture together with Raffaella's daughter Pia, whom Mario Balotelli had. Certainly the relationship with the girl's father has not improved and the fight to see her daughter is fought for him with court blows.

Of course Raffaella Fico's love life was not very simple. So now we wish her that she may have really found a great overwhelming love. Indeed, the love story with Gianluca Tozzi is absolutely recent. Indeed Raffaella had announced that she wanted to marry him.

With Tozzi, Raffaella had thrown the disastrous story with Mario Balotelli completely behind her. Then in April 2015, the crisis between the two, born from the discovery by the soubrette of the still legal marriage between Gianluca Tozzi and the Monegasque heiress Elisa Persoglio. The love story between Raffaella and Gianluca made many people dream of her romance. In fact, we also thought about a second pregnancy of Raffaella during the story with Tozzi.

But now Alessandro has arrived. But who is Alessandro Moggi? By profession sports attorney, he is the son of sports executive Luciano Moggi. He is also president of the sports club Gea World S.p.A which deals with football consultancy. In short, once again Raffaella proves to be very interested in football.

Things are going so well between Raffaella and Alessandro that the rumor of a probable marriage begins to circulate. We are not given more information about why Fico has become very private regarding her latest relationship. He doesn't want to make the same mistake he made with Balotelli and Tozzi, given the disastrous results.

What to say? Even for her the overwhelming love has arrived. So we just have to wish the new couple a lot of happiness.

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