Raffaella Fico, the revelations about Paola Caruso's ex

Raffaella Fico, the revelations about Paola Caruso's ex

Raffaella Fico breaks the silence and reveals what happened with Francesco Caserta, ex of Paola Caruso

Raffaella Fico breaks the silence and reveals the whole truth about Francesco Caserta, ex of Paola Caruso.

In the past few weeks the two had been spotted together, later the former Bonas of Avanti Un Altro had commented on the alleged flirtation, raging. The showgirl is Michelino's mother, born after the end of her relationship with Caserta. The entrepreneur has never met the child and, despite the numerous appeals launched by Caruso on live TV, no reconciliation has occurred.

Recently reports have tightened up and Paola has repeatedly revealed on Instagram that she wants nothing to do with Caserta, but that she is ready to declare war on him for her son's sake.

"How can she," the showgirl said, referring to Fico, "who is a mother and who had a lot of problems with her ex, going out with a guy who doesn't see his son?" Maybe he thinks he made the coup? Or maybe he was abstinence in popularity? I can't believe it's love. "

After a long silence Balotelli's ex-partner, from whom he had little Pia, decided to have her say. In the Instagram Stories, Raffaella has made the situation clear, revealing that she has no relationship with Francesco Caserta. The love story would have ended even before it began, after a brief meeting.

"With Francesco Caserta I have never spent a weekend or had any flirtation or engagement – he explained -. It was a unique and exclusive telephone knowledge that ended at our first meeting in Brescia in front of a café ”.

Even Caserta, which is currently in Porto Cervo in the company of a mysterious blonde, has denied the flirtation: "I don't know anyone, nor have I ever wanted to meet someone – he wrote in the Instagram Stories -. Do not pay attention to all this nonsense written by newsagents bored by the lack of news in Italy. Good evening. Ah, I forgot. Engage your time by writing articles about our wonderful land and not about things that are not true ”.

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