Raffaella Mennoia operated on: "I can't wait to go back to my life"

Raffaella Mennoia

Raffaella Mennoia posted on Instagram a shot during her hospital stay, explaining that she had undergone an operation

Raffaella Mennoia told on her Instagram profile that she spent a few days in the hospital and returned home after an operation. The right arm of Maria De Filippi and popular author of Men and Women shared a shot with a mask and a worn coat, taken during the days in hospital.

Without going into details, Mennoia explained what happened to her, leaving a brief outlet on social media:

Today I'm finally home after 4 days in the hospital, where I was operated on. Unfortunately it is not the first surgery that I face but this was very painful … The next few days will be shooting and I can't wait to get back to my life and start working on the evening of Amici and the new cast of Temptation Island ❤️ See you soon…

So Raffaella has updated her fans, who have promptly shown their affection and their support after the delicate intervention: "Get well soon sweet Raffa", wrote one user, "Best wishes for a speedy recovery", commented another. Then there is the support of colleagues and friends, who even with a simple heart have shown their closeness: from Filippo Bisciglia to Beatrice Valli, through Sophie Codegoni to Gemma Galgani, and again Andrea Cerioli and Francesco Monte.

It is not the first time that Raffaella Mennoia talks to her followers about her health problems: this summer she had in fact published, again on Instagram, a shot in which she showed herself with a series of patches on her throat and sternum, dating back to two years earlier. In fact, the TV author has been fighting for years against thyroid cancer and never misses an opportunity to remind everyone how important prevention is.

La Mennoia at the click had accompanied these words: "Exactly two years ago I underwent an operation that in part changed a lot of my life … All I can tell you is not to allow the thousand distractions of life to move away from you … Often many they commit time for others and little for themselves, sacrificing time and possibilities… It is often late for everything… Life does not tell you how much time you have at your disposal ”.

Raffaella Mennoia

Raffaella Mennoia

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