Rai, Balivo leaves. And Guaccero goes on with Detto Fatto until July

Bianca Guaccero

Good news for Bianca Guaccero: her program extended until July. Caterina Balivo, on the other hand, leaves Come to Me

Bianca Guaccero on Instagram: simply gorgeous

Bianca Guaccero can be said to be more than satisfied with her work. In fact, he announced good news for viewers: his Detto Fatto program, just as happened with Domenica In, has been officially extended.

Always smiling, ironic and beautiful, Bianca Guaccero has proven to be able to guide Detto Fatto with great professionalism, managing to obtain good results in terms of listening. To recognize the merit also Rai which has decided to extend its program and to broadcast it until 3 July. Only then can the presenter rest and enjoy well-deserved holidays.

To announce the good news, Bianca Guaccero herself who, through her official profile on Instagram, communicated the decision to all her fans:

Welcome June! And we – added the presenter – will continue until July 3! Meanwhile, see you tomorrow at 14! Same place!

Different, however, the choice of colleague Caterina Balivo, who decided to leave the management of his famous Come to Me to take on new challenges and devote himself to other projects. During the last episode of the program, in fact, with tears in his eyes he announced and explained his decision:

These moments so difficult for all of us have taught me to give the right value to things and to find the courage to leave this wonderful, prestigious and safe port that I also helped build, which is Come to Me. The time has come to do new experiences to enter more and better into your homes. I will miss you a lot.

Rumors have been circulating for days about the Bailiff's decision to leave Come to Me, but his words have, in any case, stunned the most loyal viewers of the program. Many, through social media, have expressed displeasure at Caterina's choice but, at the same time, have shown her great affection, wishing her good luck for her working future. However, what the presenter's plans are still a mystery.

In short, in the Rai home you can breathe an air of change. While Bianca Guaccero is enjoying her success, who can take the seat left empty by Caterina Balivo?

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