Rai summer schedules: what changes, who stays and who goes

Anna Falchi

Rai changes the schedule for the summer: the programs, who goes and who stays among the hosts

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With the arrival of summer, Rai redefines the schedules. What changes? Who stays and who goes? According to Davide Maggio, the program C’è Tempo per, led by Anna Falchi and Beppe Convertini, which was supposed to return in the summer months, could be canceled.

News also for La Vita in Diretta Estate, where Gianluca Semprini is about to land again at the helm of the afternoon container after his experience in 2018. Next to him there could be Emma D'Aquino or Laura Chimenti, both still in talks with the viale Mazzini company. The objectives of the production would include the idea of ​​extending Life Live Summer, guaranteeing airing throughout the afternoon and dividing the show into two parts: the first dedicated to the costume and the second with a large space for information.

At Uno Mattina, on the other hand, Roberto Poletti could land, ready to return also in the autumn schedule. Davide Maggio also anticipates that for Uno Mattina Estate there would be a clash between Stefano Coletta and the TG: in the first case it could be Giorgia Cardinaletti, in the second case Barbara Capponi could arrive at the helm of the transmission.

In the meantime, months of reruns are being prepared for Rai Uno, with the return of the great fiction and shows that have thrilled the public during the winter season. In fact, starting from June Doc – In your hands, the series with Luca Argentero and Matilde Gioli set in the hospital, between loves and dramas, will be on the air, which will soon return with a second season. Viewers will also review the first two seasons of L'Amica Geniale, the series of records taken from the novels of Elena Ferrante, there will also be great shows such as The Voice Senior, great discovery by Antonella Clerici, Secret Song, conducted by Serena Rossi, and Top Dieci by Carlo Conti. Also scheduled on Rai Uno will be reruns of the programs of Alberto Angela and SuperQuark, those of Elena Sofia Ricci's fiction Live and let live, and Bella Da Morire with Cristiana Capotondi.

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