Raimondo Todaro and Francesca Tocca, it's over: the indiscretion

According to the latest rumors, Raimondo Todaro and Francesca Tocca broke up

The love story between Francesca Tocca and Raimondo Todaro is over. The weekly Di Più revealed that the love story would have come to an end. For several months the Ballando con le Stelle dancer would have moved to another house, far from the star of Amici 2020.

The crisis would have started in October, but the couple would have done everything to remain united, even for the benefit of Jasmine, the daughter born seven years ago. In December there would be a flashback among the dancers, but mutual misunderstandings would later lead to the farewell. To throw in the towel, friends reveal, would have been Raimondo Todaro, embittered by Francesca Tocca's behavior.

“By now they have taken different paths and have decided to go and live in different houses – a source close to the couple revealed to the magazine -. At the end of December, despite the attempt to save the marriage by thinking of their little girl, it broke down. At the beginning, at least on Todaro's part, there was a will to readjust things but then it was not possible and he left home. Today Raimondo is embittered ".

In recent weeks there has often been talk of a crisis among dancers caused, according to the weekly Chi, by the arrival of Valentin, a talented and controversial dancer from Amici 2020 who has often danced with Francesca. In October Todaro had been a guest of Caterina Balivo's Vieni da Me, where he had told of his love for his wife and little Jasmine. “I betrayed my historical girlfriend, my first great love – he had said -. But the weight was too much to bear, I confessed it to him the next day. I hoped it was just a flirtation, but there was much more. Because then the girl with whom I cheated on my fiancée became my current wife, with whom I have a daughter ”.

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