Rain look: here are some ideas for you

Rain look: here are some ideas for you

What to put when it rains? Here are some super glamorous ideas!

Can you be elegant even in the rain? Judging by some looks from last Paris Fashion Week I would say yes! Here are some ideas for you to not give up on elegance even when it pours!

Rain look: comfortable shoes

To be elegant, you don't need to stand on stilts, least of all when it rains. Look below Nine d’Urso, daughter of the star Ines de la Fressange, undisputed style icon. She took her mother's simplicity: she just needs a one-piece suit and a pair of ankle boots to be super chic!

Nine Marie d’Urso arrives at the Dior fashion show – Paris Fashion Week – source Ansa

Rain look: the trench coat

If you don't wear it when it rains, when should you wear it? The trench coat is the rain garment par excellence: easy, versatile and… not just beige! You can also choose it in other colors (blue, black, military green, caramel color) or even in fantasy, the important thing is that it fits perfectly.

Source Ansa

Rain look: the hood

Comfortable and warm, it's great especially if you are cold: you can choose a poncho model, like this one by Dior in the photo below, or opt for a real wool hood with lots of buttons. If you are daring, short skirt and bare stockings, if you are mere mortals, cigarette pants and knee-high boots will be fine.

Fiona Zanetti – Ansa source

Rain look: the skirt

If you hate the idea of ​​wetting the bottom of your pants, there are two options. First option: put on dry-cut trousers and a pair of rain boots on top, which you can change when you arrive at your destination with another pair of more comfortable shoes (let's face it, rain boots are not very comfortable …). Second option: put on the skirt, always with boots, or with ankle boots or, if you are brave, even décolleté. And I recommend the most important thing (after the mask): remember the umbrella!

The actress Emmanuelle Devos – source Ansa

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