Rainbow carrots: tips for growing them on the balcony successfully

Rainbow carrots: tips for growing them on the balcony successfully

Rainbow carrots are perfect for growing on the balcony and for giving a unique touch to dishes: here are all the tips

Rainbow carrots are a series of different carrots and of different colors, which when combined together form a real rainbow. This particular type of vegetable, very suitable for making tasty and healthy recipes, both cooked and raw, is cultivated very well on the balcony of the house, requiring little maintenance: here are all the tips to follow to grow them successfully.

Rainbow carrots: how to grow them

To grow the beautiful rainbow carrots, you need to place a base of earth in a pot, choose the types of carrot you want to plant, they can be even more varieties, and put them in a large bowl, covering them with about a centimeter and a half of earth . Then it is important to moisten the earth with a spray of water and to pot the pot in a sunny place to grow the leaves: however, you must check that direct sunlight does not risk burning the leaves. After solving these first steps, you must make sure to always check the earth: if it is not wet, it is advisable to intervene again with the sprayer. When the first leaves have sprouted and have reached about 4 centimeters in height, we proceed by transferring the sprouts contained in the bowl into longer and narrower pots that must be filled with earth: after about 60 days the rainbow carrots will be ready to be harvested and serve on the table.

Rainbow carrots: which ones to choose

Three varieties of carrots, the rainbow, stand out the white one, with a delicate flavor rich in vitamins and minerals, and the red one, more intense and aromatic. Another highly appreciated variety is the yellow carrot: sweet and particularly refreshing, it is ideal for those with vision problems and can be eaten cooked, despite being the perfect ingredient for a fresh summer vegetable and fruit salad. But the recipes do not end here: these vegetables are perfect for making delicious centrifuges, desserts such as muffins and snack cakes, velvety and soups with unforgettable colors and flavors. After successfully cultivating these splendid specimens of vegetables, all you have to do is let your imagination run wild, creating colorful, healthy and tasty dishes for the whole family.

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