Rainbow children, smile after tears

Rainbow children, smile after tears

Rainbow babies are special because they manage to bring light into mom and dad's life after the toughest of storms

As often happens, after every storm the rainbow comes, brightening our sight with its colors and making us smile. An atmospheric optical phenomenon that allows us to breathe a breath of peace and serenity and that reminds us that after the dullness, the light always returns.

And this also happens in the life of a mother who has suffered one of the greatest pains in the world, that of the loss of a child. Because an abortion hurts more than anything. Because such an event leaves an indissoluble mark that makes us believe that the sun will never shine again. Yet it happens, sometimes, that after this painful experience, a rainbow arrives. A child capable of bringing back a smile and bringing joy back to the saddest hearts.

That is why they are called rainbow children, because they represent hope, because they are that glimmer of light that comes where the darkest storm is. They are the ones who remember that, in the end, the sun shines again, always.

Having a baby after losing another inevitably brings a baggage full of important, conflicting and intense emotions. Although we can often run into insecurities, fears and feelings of guilt, the fact remains that the arrival of a child brings an incredible and memorable joy that is worth living fully.

The arrival of the rainbow children obviously does not erase the pain of the previous loss because such a devastating experience cannot be forgotten. However, having a child present can help deal with this pain and transform it. The rainbow children helped to erase all the shadows, the anguish and sadness of not being able to embrace that angel who saw the light too soon.

Because behind a rainbow child, there is a story of pain and suffering that hit mom and dad. But they, unwittingly, are bearers of a new and unprecedented hope. Because they manage to bring light into the family after the most difficult of storms. And they are special. And not because they are a second chance, but because they are a real miracle able to illuminate life and heal the wounds of the heart.

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