Rania of Jordan beats Kate Middleton and Letizia of Spain: the birthday photo is enchanting

Rania of Jordan beats Kate Middleton and Letizia of Spain: the birthday photo is enchanting

Rania of Jordan with the red silk dress is splendid and on Instagram her wish for 2021 goes viral

Rania of Jordan turns 50: the private life and iconic look of the Queen who enchants the world

Rania of Jordan shared on her Instagram profile the new official photo of the Royal Family for the end of 2020, beating both Kate Middleton and Letizia of Spain on time and style.

Rania, who turned 50 on August 31, poses in the postcard with her husband Abd Allah II, King of Jordan and four children, Princesses Iman (24) and Salma (20), next to her, and the Princes Hussein (26), heir to the throne, and Hashem (15) next to his father.

The King and Queen are in the center of the photo, he sitting, she standing, intertwining her arm with that of her husband. Rania wears a splendid long dress in red silk, in perfect harmony with the moment. Kate Middleton also has a habit of wearing something red in December, recently during the train tour she wore a (recycled) Alexander McQueen coat worth over 3 thousand euros. While red is one of the favorite colors, and that best suits her, by Letizia di Spagna.

Rania's daughters follow their mother's style, one long dress and silk shirt and skirt, in the same color as Regina's dress, for the other. While the Princes adopt the look of Abd Allah II, more informal, dark shirt without a tie.

The message that accompanies the end of year postcard on Instagram is particularly significant in view of the difficult months that have just passed: "This year, even though we have kept our distance, we have kept all our loved ones a little closer in our hearts. I send my prayers for health and happiness to everyone ”.

In an interview with Hello! Some time ago, Rania of Jordan reiterated how lucky she felt to have always had her family close to her during the lockdown experienced by her country.

Last year the Royals of Jordan had posed all dressed in white for the greeting card. A tradition that has always been respected by the monarchies of taking an official family photo with which to celebrate the holidays and wish health and luck for the coming year.

Rania, who has very often been considered a "twin" of Letizia of Spain for a strong resemblance, has surpassed herself in this wonderful shot that once again underlines the harmony and unity of her family.

Royal Family of Jordan

Rania of Jordan, the greeting card – Source: Instagram

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