Rania of Jordan, the Queen’s dress that only she can wear. And Camilla redeems herself

Rania of Jordan surpasses herself with the white and gold caftan dress that only she knows how to wear with such class. And Camilla Parker Bowles does her best

Rania of Jordan, superlative caftan dress. And Camilla in pastel green

Rania of Jordan invites Carlo and Camilla to the Palazzo, together with her husband Abdullah II, for a private dinner and surpasses herself with a magnificent white and gold look, like a Queen, which only she knows how to wear with such class and allure. In the face of such elegance, however, even the Duchess of Cornwall is committed to showing off an appropriate outfit, so as not to disfigure.

Rania of Jordan, the Queen look

After welcoming her guests with a magnificent white coat and designer metal accessories, Rania of Jordan never ceases to enchant. For dinner at the Palace in a strictly private form, opt for a multi-layered caftan dress that creates a magnificent soft and voluminous effect.

Jewel belt

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Rania of Jordan, shoes and jeweled belt

The deliberately oriental-style look consists of a caftan dress with wide sleeves and a V-neck with richly embroidered edges in gold, with geometric designs. The dress, open at the front, reveals a wide petticoat, in pure white, while a belt with a flower-shaped clip, embellished with pearls, marks the waist and slims it. At her feet the Queen wears her golden Dior pumps that she coordinates with a metal clutch.

Just like for the day look, Rania offers an evening outfit that plays on the contrast between white and gold, where the first symbolizes purity and simplicity, while the second opulence and power. Therefore, a real Queen outfit that only she can wear with an innate refinement.

Camilla in mint green redeems herself

At his side, Camilla Parker Bowles redeems herself with the evening dress after the slip of style with the floral outfit. Carlo’s wife chooses a long pastel green dress, very delicate, embellished with sequins both on the bodice and on the skirt, which she combined with silver accessories.

As the Daily Mail pointed out, Camilla’s famous blonde bob was perfectly combed, not a single hair was out of place. And she even dared with a little blush to make her cheeks rosy. The Duchess appeared in a good mood as she chatted smiling with Rania of Jordan. Charles, on the other hand, talked with King Abdullah.

Camilla in total white

After leaving the Royals of Jordan, Carlo and Camilla spent the following evening with the British ambassador at Jordan Bridhet Brind. For the occasion, the Duchess wore a total white suit, caftan and trousers with extra large volumes, and embroidered ballet flats.

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