Raoul Bova tells about himself: “Made in Italy”, the difficult years and the rebirth

Raoul Bova

A long dark period and then rebirth, thanks to family and work: Raoul Bova talks about himself with his heart in his hand

Made in Italy, the cast: from Marco Bocci to Margherita Buy

Talented and very successful actor, sex symbol much loved by the Italian public: Raoul Bova has spent fantastic years from a professional point of view, yet the time has come for him to face the darkness. Thanks to the love of his family, he found the strength to recover, and is now ready to return to the scene.

Raoul Bova, the pain of the death of his parents

Protagonist of the new Made in Italy fiction, in which he plays the role of the great designer Giorgio Armani, the actor talks about himself in the round in a long interview with Corriere della Sera. And finally he faces openly his dark period, the difficult years that have deeply marked him, on the personal front. “I hit rock bottom and the challenge was not to be shipwrecked” – revealed Raoul Bova – “I lost my parents in a short time: you have to deal with your frailties. My weakness turned out to be my strength ”.

In January 2018, father Giuseppe passed away, leaving a huge void in the hearts of his loved ones. Raoul suffered greatly from the death of the man who, more than anyone, had always supported him in every little difficulty of life. And just 22 months later, mother Rosa also left. An immense pain, which threw the actor into despair, into a tunnel from which it seemed he could no longer get out.

“I had to find the courage to go on” – confessed Raoul Bova – “The psychological weakness had coincided with the physical one: in the same days my mother died I had fractured two bones in my leg. I felt my certainties sinking ”. Yet slowly, the clear sky returned to the horizon. The actor has restarted from one of his greatest passions, swimming, and has faced the long path of rebirth with gritted teeth, surrounded by the affection of his family.

Raoul Bova, the rebirth

“Opening my heart has done me good. I had to stop the pain that was spreading, I had to do it for myself and for the people I love "- explained the actor, who vented his suffering in the pages of the book The rules of water. He resumed training and met Manuel Bortuzzo, a young promise of swimming, now confined to a wheelchair for being the victim of a shooting. “I compared my pain with his: we gave ourselves energy” – revealed Raoul – “I missed my father so much, but I saw his, who left everything to be close to his son. Their relationship excited me ".

So he got up. He did it for his children, first of all. “Four children like this: beautiful, sweet and complicated” – as Raoul describes them. They are Alessandro Leon and Francesco, the two splendid boys born from the marriage with Chiara Giordano, and the little ones Luna and Alma, the fruit of his love for the actress Rocio Munoz Morales. And of course he did it for her, the woman who stole his heart: "A warrior who is not afraid of anything, not even dying for you" – these are the splendid words he dedicated to her in an interview with Oggi.

Raoul Bova is back on TV with Made in Italy

Now Raoul is ready for a new success, thanks to the Made in Italy fiction. His is a very important role: he plays the role of Giorgio Armani, with whom he has a very strong relationship. They met in 1994, when the actor was invited to a fashion show: "It was my link with Italy in the four years I lived in Los Angeles" – he said – "One day I met at an event. […] He was proud to be Italian and he told who he was through his art. For me it was a great lesson ”.

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