Rays attacks journalists: he wants privacy for his son

Rays attacks journalists: he wants privacy for his son

The mayor complains about the siege of photographers in the house, films them and publishes the video: I feel sorry for myself

Another week full of tension for Virginia Raggi, who on the escort question came into conflict with journalists criticizing the unbearable siege of her home. Virginia filmed the journalists, posted the video on her FB page and commented on their behavior: "I'm sorry".

The mayor asks for respect not only for her but above all for the life of her son "who has no responsibility in this madness you are creating" he says to the paparazzi.

But that's not all, on his Fb page the Ray continues its attack on journalists: "What did they order you to" capture "today? A finger in the nose, the hair out of place, my son maybe having a tantrum to say that up to a distorted mother? You make me a little sad to tell the truth: all your life spent waiting for someone to "stumble" … Perhaps we are already on journalism 3.0? Anyway, if I do early, today I will throw the garbage: get ready! Whether you are wrong, you can win the Pulitzer! "

His words immediately aroused reactions and criticisms, but on the part of the 5-star militants he immediately had solidarity.

All this happens in a week in which the Rays will be called to solve the problem of the appointment of the new Councilor for the Budget and expects the outcome of the interrogation in the proxy of Paola Muraro.

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