Reading is our investment in the future

Reading is our investment in the future

Reading is a basic skill to understand reality and imagine the future. Reading makes you independent.

Reading is our investment in the future. A few days ago Carlo Cottarelli emphasized the importance of reading for the future of young people.

“Reading a book requires commitment and this effort forces us to think, it makes us independent”. Carlo Cottarelli, Italian economist, started the social campaign “Attention. Reading Creates Independence ”in favor of reading. In fact, the statistics show Italy at the bottom of the European rankings in terms of readers. However, reading is fundamental, especially for the future of young people: “books help develop a more complex thought, require commitment and force you to think. This is why it makes us independent ”, Cottarelli underlined.

Professor Stella also underlines the value of reading: "The school is lagging behind on reading, it must also be promoted in the classroom as it is not a waste of time but, on the contrary, allows us to increase our knowledge". Reading frees thought, allows you to cultivate and nurture thought. Instead of making defining lessons, teachers should recover the reading of the texts to increase autonomy of thought.

However, for people with mild SLD it often represents a difficulty. However, there are tools that allow you to access reading in different ways. One of these is listening to text, or text to speech, which allows you to "read with your ears".

Reading and understanding of texts

Reading is a basic skill: it makes us discover the meaning of new words, expanding our lexicon, it allows us to have fun with the characters of our favorite stories, it makes us understand how we should behave if we read a regulation, a recipe, the text of a decree. Whatever the text we read, understanding is a complex activity, which is not limited to deciphering individual words, but brings them together by capturing the relationships and logical connections and teaches us to select information. Reading, understanding the texts, solicits freedom, creativity. It leads us to imagine the future.

This is why it is important to introduce children to reading from an early age. Fables, for example, in their brevity, are suitable for the first exercises of understanding and reflection on the message of the text. You can find them on Redooc in the Children's Literature section.

The challenge launched in the message of Professor Stella and the economist Cottarelli is to enhance reading, introducing it definitively at school and in the education of the youngest. Discover all the contents dedicated to reading on Redooc. Among these, a special for Christmas: the advent calendar from A to Z with the poems of Gianni Rodari.

“A child who reads will be an adult who thinks”.

To hear the words of Prof. Giacomo Stella on the subject of reading, watch the video.

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