Ready for the return: to school without anxiety

Ready for the return: to school without anxiety

Back to school: what it takes to start all over again

For our children, school is a great commitment and we parents can do a lot to help them overcome the small and large daily challenges without anxiety.

Let's first try to put ourselves in their shoes: maybe our memories of elementary school are not exactly fresh, but we can all remember the fear of making a bad impression in front of the teacher and classmates, the tension for a task that seems too difficult, insecurity in front of new and extraneous concepts.

It is important to help children express their emotions: if they take a bad vote, or seem worried, we talk to them and try to reassure them. Let's avoid excessive pressure and try to convey the concept that if something went wrong next time it will certainly be better.

Obviously it is better not to insist too much even to make the child speak if he does not want to. As soon as he returns from school, he will probably need to unplug and relax. The important thing is that he understands that in case of need we will be very happy to listen to him and help him.

To allow our child to be more serene at school, it is important to support him in his home study too. The first step is to observe how it learns.

First of all, let's try to understand if the child mainly uses visual or auditory memory. If it is visual, at home he will need to reread the notes of the lesson that the teacher explained in class. If, on the other hand, he is auditory, he will remember the explanation and will prefer to repeat the lesson aloud.

Based on this observation, we can help him develop a method that makes it easier for him to study all subjects, even the most difficult ones.

We also remember that, as some studies show, after 45 minutes the attention decreases rapidly. For a teenager, after an hour of study, it takes at least a 5-minute break.
For a child between 8 and 12 years old, the ideal is to study half an hour without interruption, then he will need a moment of relaxation.

We can also invent some ploy to help children learn while having fun. For example, to learn English we can translate our son's favorite songs and sing them with him!


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