Rearrange your closet for the change of season, the tips that make the business easier

Armadio cambio di stagione

Do you want to organize your wardrobe for the change of season and don’t know where to start? You are on the right style guide! Here are the very simple tips that make the business easier. Rearranging your wardrobe has never been this fun!

When we abandon one season to welcome the other, we are always happy, because we can use new outfits, because we can abandon the temperatures that are too hot or too cold that have accompanied us for months, plus because the new seasons bring with them a lot of news. ! But one thing destroys us: organize the wardrobe for the change of season! From today it will no longer be a nightmare, because we reveal the secrets that will make everything easier!

Season change wardrobe

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Our wardrobes or wardrobes are generally the most untidy areas of our home. Mostly for one reason: we fill them to exhaustion.

We don’t realize that we own so many clothes, and that due to the constantly changing trends we buy clothes after clothes without really needing them. So our wardrobes will have to literally store more things than they could hold, and keeping order becomes impossible.

From today everything will change, because in this branded style guide CheWoman we’re about to find out the very simple tips to organize our wardrobe for the change of season in an easy and fun way! Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Organize your wardrobe for the change of season with three basic steps: empty, declutter, fold!

The organization of the wardrobe, like the rest of the house, is a very delicate subject, because each of us has their own needs and their own lifestyle. But one thing is certain: there is nothing more uncomfortable than living in disorder! Especially when it comes to wardrobes! Let’s find out a few rules that are suitable for everyone to reorganize the wardrobe!

Season change wardrobe

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To make a perfect change of season you have to follow, at least, these fundamental steps, and you will save a lot of time and effort:

  • empty everything: take all the contents of your closet and remove it! Place it on the bed or place a clean towel on the floor and lay your clothes there. Once empty, clean your closet! There is nothing worse than having a dusty wardrobe. In many cases it can even happen that your closet creates mold based on humidity! Only in this way will you be able to see the status of your cabinet and solve the problem!
  • decluttering: once phase 1 is over, phase 2 begins, the funniest one. Try to divide your closet into zones. For example, top jackets and shirts. Bottom pants. Drawers for sweaters and underwear, and so on. So you will have a division at a glance that won’t waste your time looking! But the fundamental step comes now, because to place your clothes in the wardrobe you will have to do decluttering, i.e. make sure that the garments you keep are in good condition and that they are used. If not, recycle, donate or in the worst cases, throw it away. Don’t let your closet be full of clothes you don’t use.
  • order: once decluttering is finished, we move on to accommodation. The order inside our wardrobes is fundamental, because it allows us to find everything simply at a glance. So here are some tips. Equip yourself with thin and light hangers. Don’t buy them, but ask for them in your favorite clothing stores. They will give them to you! Insert one garment per crutch, no more! Sort your garments by type and then by color. Make sure that the leadership of the leaders is the same. For sweaters and underwear equip yourself with fabric container boxes. Fold your garments in 4 leaving the recognizable part clearly visible and place them inside the containers. I recommend: do not mix genres! In each box insert only one type of garment and write out the contents! By the way, Autumn outfit with three simple pieces, for a super trendy look!
  • Season change wardrobe

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    Here ends the CheDonna style guide that has seen how to organize the wardrobe in view of the change of season!

    See you at the next style guide, to learn all the secrets of fashion, and more!

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