Recurrent vaginitis and cystitis: help from thermal waters

Recurrent vaginitis and cystitis: help from thermal waters

by Isabella Calbi

The thermal waters are great friends of female intimate health. «In the gynecological field, their anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, eutrophic and cleansing action is exploited. This is why they are excellent, for example, in case of recurrent vaginitis and cystitis », emphasizes the doctor Francesco De Santospecialist in gynecology and obstetrics and consultant at the Terme Luigiane in Acquappesa-Guardia Piemontese (Cosenza), one of the oldest health resorts in Calabria.

Thermal waters, precious for all ages

“The thermal waters, in particular the Luigiane, sulphurous and salsobromoiodic, classified by the Ministry of Health at the 1 ° Super quality level, are ideal in case of cervicitis, endometritis, after-effects of surgery and vulvo-vaginal atrophy, which is a typical condition of the climacteric caused by the reduced production of estrogen and by a physiological involution of the uro-genital tissues. During menopause, they help to counteract the onset of recurrent cystitis, vaginal dryness, irritation, burning and itching. Not only. They are suitable for pregnant women due to the muscle relaxant capacity they exert on the uterine muscle. And they are useful for preventing scarring and adhesion phenomena that can undermine fertility ”, continues De Santo.

Spa treatments: what is vaginal irrigation

The most used thermal method in the gynecological field is thevaginal irrigation. The session involves the use of a cannula with several holes, which brings the healing water to different pressures and temperatures (37 ° C – 40 ° C) in direct contact with the vaginal mucous membranes. All for about fifteen minutes. «Irrigation with sulphurous water is particularly effective in treatment of vulvo-vaginal atrophyas demonstrated by a clinical epidemiological study (Costantino M, Conti V, Marongiu MB et al. Sulphurous vaginal douching and vulvovaginal atrophy) “, the specialist remarked.

“I recommend to every woman a treatment cycle with thermal waters, for at least 12 applications, because they are a real cure-all regardless of individual problems, even for prevention purposes only. Among other things, they are borne by the National Health Service, which can provide one cycle a year: you just need to have the prescription issued by your doctor or gynecologist ”, suggests the expert. The other classic treatment is i pelvic mud, applied to form a sort of panty. «They are especially indicated in the case of chronic inflammation, pelvic adhesion syndromes or after-effects of surgical interventions. However, they have to be paid for, ”explains Dr. De Santo.

The other centers in Italy

Throughout Italy there are centers that give good results for the affections of the female genital system.

  • The waters of the Comano thermal bathscalcium-magnesium bicarbonate, with highly soothing properties, are ideal for restoring the normal functions of the mucosa.
  • The thermal waters of the Terme di Montepulcianorich in carbon dioxide, are used for painful sclerosis of the pelvic connective tissue of a cicatricial and involutionary nature.
  • Protagonist at Baths of the Popes of Viterbo is the thermal water of the Bullicame spring, indicated for persistent leucorrhea from chronic nonspecific or dystrophic vaginitis.
  • At Terme Stufe di Neronein Bacoli (Naples), irrigation and immersion in thermal pools are ideal after a hysterectomy or abortion or for uterine fibromatosis.

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