Red bananas to improve the immune system and control blood pressure

Red bananas to improve the immune system and control blood pressure

Characterized by the presence of an interesting content of carotenoids, red bananas are precious allies of health

Originating in Asia, red bananas are characterized by a very pleasant sweet taste that many people remember that of raspberry. There are several benefits that characterize them. Among these, it is possible to mention the ability to optimize the efficiency of the immune system and the positive effects on pressure control.

As regards the first of the two benefits, we recall the importance of the content of vitamin C and vitamin B6, two essential nutrients for a healthy immune system. Science has repeatedly deepened their influence in this regard. Interesting is this 2017 Chinese study, conducted by experts active at various research companies in the country (e.g. the University of Shanghai).

The scientific work cited above investigated the effects of vitamin B6 deficiency on the production of antibodies, discovering that the situation just mentioned can negatively affect the efficiency of the immune system.

What about the positive effects on blood pressure control instead? Potassium wealth is crucial at this juncture. To give some numbers on this, we remind you that a single red banana, fruit rich in lutein and beta-carotene, provides about 9% of the recommended daily ration of this mineral.

Fundamental for the control of blood pressure is also magnesium, another mineral that we can find in red bananas. Even when it comes to the benefits of potassium, numerous scientific evidences are called into question.

Among these, it is possible to include a large review of 22 studies – both randomized controlled and cohort studies – focused on the conditions of 1606 individuals. The work in question, carried out by a group of experts from the World Health Organization, has brought to light the fact that, in the face of an increase in the supply of potassium, we can appreciate a reduction of about 24% in the risk of meeting at the onset of stroke.

There is nothing to say: the properties of red bananas are really many and important! Among these, it is possible to mention the presence of prebiotics, essential for nourishing the good bacteria of the intestine. Another advantage of these fruits concerns the versatility in the kitchen. In fact, red bananas can be used to prepare tasty smoothies or try together with peanut butter. Before introducing them into the diet, it is essential to seek the opinion of your doctor.

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