Red Christmas: gift ideas… in red!

Red Christmas: gift ideas… in red!

Clothing, shoes, bags, accessories: here are some ideas to dress your Christmas in red!

Red is the color of Christmas par excellence, isn't it? At least for me, the tree, apart from one year in which we decorated it in blue and silver, has always been red and gold. Red is a lively, cheerful, sparkling color that tastes like a party. That's why I have compiled a series of red themed shopping ideas for your Christmas here!

Red Christmas, gift ideas in red: clothing

The red duvet to wear in winter is super! Warm and soft, it immediately makes you think of holidays in the mountains.

Source Woolrich

For the super fashion friend or daughter, however, the red dress will be a perfect purchase to make her feel the protagonist of Christmas!

Source Pinko

Christmas red, gift ideas in red: accessories

We know shoes and bags, we women like them so much. Apart from the décolleté or the ballet flats, which red are delicious, why not try with a pair of sneakers? Practical and functional, they are ideal for this uncertain period, in which comfort has become a lifestyle.

Source Giuseppe Zanotti

If, on the other hand, you want to be more basic, with a red bag you are never wrong. It will be the right color detail to create a focal point in the outfit.

Source Nico Giani

And what about a red frame? Perfect for those who want to draw attention to the face, illuminating it and adding a detail of character.

Source Kate Spade

Red Christmas, gift ideas in red: to stay at home

In this period when we are asked to stay at home as much as possible, a gift in red to be comfortable is just what it takes! It could be a one-piece pajamas, for TV series marathons in front of the sofa …

Veridissima source

… or a pair of soft socks that we can take with us all the joy of the holidays, among our loved ones, in the family!

Source Verdissima

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