Red lipstick: how to choose the right shade for yourself

from Beatrice Serra

After an uncertain period in which it took a back seat to make room for nude eye and mouth makeup, the Red lipstick is the great must have for winter 2021-22. If red lips, transparent complexion, black eyeliner have gone crazy at the latest fashion shows, many stars have made “red” their red carpet beauty figure: Madonnathe most affectionate, Dita von Teesethe most daring, Scarlett Johanssonthe most mischievous together with the variously scarlet smiles of Emma Watson, Rihanna, Chiara Ferragni and the Portuguese supermodel Sara Sampaio.

Oh yes, because there is nothing better than a beautiful “purple” mouth to be immediately in the center of the circle. If anything, some doubts give it to find the right red for us. It requires some adaptation but it is always worth it.

Daniele Batellaglobal make up artist at Astra Make Up, makeup artist from this season’s X Factor talent show, tells us how to find the right red lipstick for yourself and go without saying.

Daniele, there are many reds but each one has his own, can you confirm that?

You may like it or not, but red looks good on everyone and ennobles any look. It is only the hue that makes the difference. During the day, in winter you can play with the red berry, which have blue inside: they are the colors of small red fruits, black cherry, currant, strawberry, raspberry, plum, fresh and not too demanding. For a more important evening make-up, the right choice is that of classic red (lacquer, scarlet, ruby ​​and purple), which immediately gives the air of a diva.

Should it also be combined with our natural colors?

Of course, the right mix takes into account the skin undertone and hair color. Those with pink skin (light or medium, always “cold”) should stay on reds tending to purplish: watermelon red, raspberry, blood red for blondes; pure red, carmine, all red-fuchsia up to burgundy, blackberries. While the orange reds are perfect for “warm”, golden and luminous skin. Salmon, coral, lobster and geranium for the blondes, with delicate colors; brick reds and rust, preferably matt and not very bright, for dark or mahogany reds.

And the rest of the make-up?

A red lipstick requires little else. A soft base (bb or cc cream, light foundation) with a second skin effect; a very delicate touch of highlighter or ton sur ton blush in the same color as the lipstick; a thin black line of black eyeliner and mascara. No colored eyeshadows, peach or pink blush, otherwise you will immediately fall into the 80s!

The lips for a super red?

Fleshy. Like all dark colors it tends to shrink. Those who have thin, can draw an overline, that is slightly larger lips with a flesh-colored pencil but without exaggerating. The outline, however, should not be seen, it is the same color as the lipstick or just a darker tone.

Glossy or matt?

It is the moment of the opaque, which gives a greater, more intense compactness. But no objection for glossy, lighter and less demanding.

How should it be applied?

Lips should always be prepared with a balm, which hydrates them. It should be put on a quarter of an hour before the lipstick, to avoid texure “messes”. And after the contour with the matching pencil, the color is applied with an angled brush and small strokes, slowly, so that the lipstick adheres well to the lips.

And for big occasions which fashion nuances do you recommend?

The most contemporary shades are “Gothic”, all shades of currant up to burgundy. However, I reserve them for young girls as they tend to harden. On the bright red, more or less intense, you always go on the safe side!

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