Red orange diet: burn calories and lose weight

Red orange diet: burn calories and lose weight

This winter fruit is very versatile and full of features that help you feel better and stay fit

Rich in vitamins, a panacea for well-being and also slimming: we are talking about red oranges and their many characteristics.

Fruit of the winter season, if you are included in the diet they are excellent to help you lose weight. In fact they allow us to reduce the feeling of hunger by taking very few calories.

They can be consumed several times during our day, just think that it would be a good idea to include in our diet a portion of fruit and vegetables at least five times a day. And then the juices (without added sugar), eat naturally, or in a fruit salad, the red oranges help us to get our fill of well-being and lose weight, helping us to burn calories. They can also be a versatile ingredient for use in less traditional contexts: from the preparation of recipes with white meats, to the insertion in vegetable side dishes, they give character to the dishes we present at the table.

The red oranges help us to fill up with vitamins, in particular C, which is essential to support the immune system and to counteract the health problems that regularly arise in the winter season. And, as often happens, nature comes to meet us giving us a seasonal fruit that can be a precious ally of our well-being.

They can be consumed starting from breakfast, perhaps with a rich juice, possibly without adding sweeteners. The red oranges are not very harsh and can be easily consumed without adding sugar or similar.

In addition to having few calories (about 38 per 100 grams of product), they help in the digestive process and are rich in fiber: essential aspects if you aim to lose a few kilograms. In addition, their consumption improves circulation, and this point is essential if you want to fight fat and cellulite.

The red oranges are also rich in vitamin A and those of group B, they contain mineral salts, fibers and antioxidants.

In addition to oranges, we need to include whole-grain carbohydrates in our diet starting with breakfast, without forgetting lunch and dinner. And then proteins and other fruits and vegetables. To all this it is better to add a mild physical activity: sometimes even a brisk walk for about 30 minutes a day is enough. These simple rules added to the consumption of red oranges in a short time will give us a healthier and more fit body.

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