Regenerate your skin with face exfoliants: here are the best ones for your skincare

esfoliazione viso cosa è come si fa

Cellular turnover is essential for a radiant face and healthy skin: this is why facial exfoliation should never be missing from your beauty routine. Let’s find out how to do it the right way

face exfoliation what and how to do it

Facial exfoliants, together with their regenerating action, are a mainstay in any skincare routine. In fact, the skin deserves not only hyaluronic acid serums, creams and lotions; adding a step dedicated to exfoliation (both chemical and physical) allows to improve cell turnover and eliminate all those substances that remain on the surface and do not allow the products to penetrate the epidermis in the right way.

But what do you need to know on the subject and how are facial exfoliants used? Here you will find all the information you need, as well as knowing the difference between chemical and mechanical exfoliation.


  • What is it for
  • Which exfoliant to choose
    • Physical exfoliation
    • Chemical exfoliation
  • How exfoliation is done
  • The best face exfoliants

What is it for

The best way to make your skin brighter and more beautiful is to add a special exfoliation for your skin. This treatment consists in the removal, with chemical or physical treatment, of the superficial layer of the epidermis where the dead cells, smog, make-up or dirt residues are found, thus also freeing the pores.

Whether it is a scrub, a scrub or a chemical peeling, this process eliminates the ‘dirty’ layer of the skin and thus oxygenates the tissues, promoting cell turnover and renewal. This process, in addition to improving the skin, if done in the right way can also help impure skin that will get benefits such as fewer pimples, fewer blackheads and enlarged pores.

Which exfoliant to choose

The world of face exfoliants is really wide and the difference is also in the type. In addition to the ingredients, active ingredients and purposes, facial exfoliation products differ mainly in texture and composition.

Physical exfoliation

When it comes to physical exfoliation, all those products that exploit the physical properties of solid microparticles that are massaged on the face are taken into consideration. This category includes two large families of products:

  • the scrub: a creamy substance or gel containing small spheres of different origin, which once massaged on the face removes dirt and impurities from the face. Perfect for pimple or acne-prone skin;
  • The scrub: decidedly more delicate than the scrub, this exfoliant is characterized by a creamy formula enriched with a slightly abrasive powder that allows you to eliminate impurities while fully respecting the skin. Ideal for the most sensitive skin.

Chemical exfoliation

Also called peeling, this type of exfoliation bases its work on some chemical processes that exploit the properties of acids, mainly of fruit, such as glycolic or salicylic. A treatment that, if not carried out in the correct ways and times, could be excessively aggressive and, for this reason, it is better to use it if you have a good knowledge of the treatment and of your own skin.

Beyond these two large families we then enter professional exfoliation that can only be performed by aesthetic doctors through the use of ad hoc machinery, mainly used to combat acne scars, dermatitis and other skin problems.

How exfoliation is done

Understanding how to do the exfoliation also depends on the type of product chosen even if, basically, the technique remains the same.

After cleansing and removing any traces of make-up, the product is then applied to the face which will be dry or wet according to the indications of the exfoliator itself. It will then be enough to massage everything with gentle circular massages and then rinse the product.

Pay attention to delicate areas such as the eye contour and lips, two extremely sensitive areas that could become inflamed due to the work of the exfoliator.

Remember to always observe the reaction of your skin and never overdo it with scrubs and peels, even in the case of oily and acne-prone skin. In addition to any inflammation and redness all over the face, the skin could defend itself with the rebound effect, i.e. the excess production of sebum to rebalance the skin attacked by exfoliants.

The best face exfoliants

On the market there are many products dedicated to face exfoliation and, here, we have selected the best of to try absolutely.

Dr.Jart+ Dermask Ultra Jet Peeling Solution

Dr.Jart + Dermask Ultra Jet Peeling Solution: thanks to the combination of sugar-based scrubs and fruit acids, it stimulates the cell regeneration process, while the soothing action of allantoin and olive oil immediately give a feeling of comfort , moisturizing the skin.

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Eisenberg Exfoliating Levigante Express

Eisenberg Exfoliant Lissant Xpress: a scrub with micronized particles of volcanic rock and Vitamin E capsules leave the skin soft, smooth and clean.

You can check the price and buy it here.


Miamo, Renewal Pell Serum: a product with a highly scientific approach designed for a regenerating and anti-aging action. With mandelic acid that stimulates cell turnover, phytic acid to intervene on skin spots, lactobionic acid with anti-aging, lightening and antioxidant action and gluconolactone that prevents skin sensitization.

Discover the product and buy it hereOLEHENRIKSEN Lemonade Smoothing Scrub

Olehenriksen, Lemonade Smoothing Scrub: refreshing and exfoliating that reshapes and smoothes the skin and reduces the appearance of pores. Two actions, mechanical and chemical, which work in symbiosis to restore strength to the skin.

Find out the details of the product and buy it on Sephora.itCleanse your Scrub

Sikelia Ceutical, Emunda Scrub: a made in Italy cuddle directly from Sicily: a delicate scrub-mask with an exfoliating effect, with the Volcanic Earth of Etna, Sea Water and Olive Stone Powder.

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Gerard’s, Enzymatic face exfoliant with illuminating action: it is the ideal product for the most delicate skin, given its light action given by proteolytic enzymes, without forgetting a soothing mix based on Aloe Vera, Birch and Hamamelis.

BT Camellia Light AHA Illuminating Treatment

BT AHA Illuminating Treatment, exfoliating with Tuscan Camellia: a treatment with an exfoliating complex with plant-based alpha-hydroxy acids that deeply purifies and cleanses, improving tissue oxygenation, skin tone and compactness. Thanks to the fermented extract of Tuscan camellia with strong antioxidant properties and targeted organic extracts.


Face Scrub of Oro di Spello: performs a triple action thanks to the synergy of different ingredients such as olive stone particles, almond stone powder and quartz powder.

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