Remedies for damaged and damaged hair

Remedies for damaged and damaged hair

Dry, brittle and lackluster hair are the consequence of several factors. Here are some practical remedies for damaged and damaged hair

How difficult is it to keep a healthy scalp? Quite a bit, if you think that to achieve this goal it is essential to take care of it every day. On the other hand, it is not surprising: we are constantly exposed to atmospheric agents, sudden changes in temperature, pollution, or factors that in the long run can lead to damaged and damaged hair.


  • Structure of the hair
  • Causes
  • How to tell if they are ruined
  • What not to do
  • Remedies

Structure of the hair

Hair damage is not limited to just split ends, but goes way beyond. To better understand how and when they are formed, it is good to start from the hair structure which includes:

  • the marrow;
  • the bark;
  • the cuticle.

The cuticle represents the external part and is the one most exposed to external damage. Specifically, it consists of several layers of cells rich in keratin, which is a protein that has the function of protecting and ensuring hair solidity. However, the keratin structure can undergo progressive deterioration, endangering the health of the hair and exposing it to a greater risk of damage and breakage. Not to mention that a dry and irritated scalp can lead to the formation of the much hated dandruff.

It is possible to remedy damaged and damaged hair by using some practical remedies, useful for restoring the health of the hair. It certainly takes time and a good deal of consistency to appreciate good results. However, prevention or daily scalp care is the best weapon available to keep hair strong and healthy for a long time.


Damaged and damaged hair can be the result of bad habits, treatments or more generally, the action of external factors. Applying a dye, a perm or a bleaching, for example, can help weaken the hair due to the chemical components present inside. The latter in fact subtract the natural moisture of the hair, thus making them rough and dull to the touch.

We also know how heat can ruin the shine and shine of our hair. And we are not just talking about the action of the sun, but also and above all about the use of hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons and all the tools used at home to create trendy hairstyles. The high temperatures of these products, if used with great frequency, can damage the hair fibers making them rough and damaged.

Even atmospheric agents can ruin the hair: cold, heat, dry air, all they do is eliminate the moisture from the hair they need to be healthy. Damaged and damaged hair can also be related to an unbalanced diet low in nutrients essential for the good condition of the hair.

How to tell if they are ruined

The signals useful to understand when our hair is ruined and damaged are different. To the touch, for example, they are rough, lacking the right hydration and difficult to comb. While at the sight:

  • they are dry and damaged;
  • have split ends;
  • they break easily;
  • they tend to tangle with each other and create knots;
  • they are opaque because they lose their luster;
  • they tend to frizz.

What not to do

At the very first signs of damaged and damaged hair it is good to put in place some remedies to avoid further accentuating the pre-existing problems. How then? First, let's try to eliminate the causes that led them to ruin. The things not to do therefore include:

  • dye them too frequently. It is always better to ask your trusted hairdresser for advice on the appropriate timing to repeat the treatment;
  • apply dyes or perms independently. In these cases, do-it-yourself is not recommended, indeed it is good to rely on a salon, making sure that the treatment applied is suitable for the type of hair;
  • expose yourself to the sun without protection. It is not only the skin that must be protected with adequate protection, but also the hair;
  • stay in contact with chlorine for a long time. The hair locks in fact lose their natural humidity and become more fragile and dry;
  • frequently use hair styling tools;
  • use too aggressive products. Cleansing must be as delicate as possible, otherwise the detergent may compromise the hydrolipidic film of the hair.


To help the hair regain its natural balance, you can immediately adopt some good habits to be associated with the use of specific products for damaged and damaged hair.

For example, washing your hair too often, where it is not necessary, can be definitely a mistake. In doing so, the scalp does not have the time to produce the quantities of sebum it needs, thus being more exposed to damage and therefore more fragile.

The ideal is to wash them about twice a week. A good remedy for damaged and damaged hair is also to cut it frequently to eliminate split ends and the most damaged parts. Equally important is the choice of products useful for improving the condition of the hair. On the market there are many that can do for the case including:

  • masks;
  • compresses;
  • moisturizing shampoo;
  • balm.

Each of these helps to gently cleanse and protect hair as long as they have a specific formulation for damaged and damaged hair. In fact, there are natural substances such as Shea butter, aloe vera and Argan oil that have nourishing, soothing and moisturizing properties.

Specifically, Argan oil, in addition to being a powerful moisturizer and antioxidant, also has antifungal properties. It is therefore ideal in case of scalp alterations, such as dandruff because it cleanses and nourishes at the same time thanks to the presence of good fatty acids and vitamin E.

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Even the skilful use of the hairdryer can help take care of damaged and damaged hair. The advice is to use it infrequently, setting it at a not too high temperature and keeping it away from the hair. Also pay attention to the brush: better to use one with wide teeth, preferably made of wood and with natural bristles. Not only will you avoid breaking them, but the sebum will be distributed evenly, giving natural shine to the hair.

In general, therefore, it can happen to find yourself with ruined and damaged hair. However, by employing some precautions and using the appropriate products, not only will the damage be gradually remedied, but the hair will also be protected.

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