Remove make-up and cleanse the skin: the best products and accessories to try in 2021

Remove make-up and cleanse the skin: the best products and accessories to try in 2021

Removing make-up is a fundamental step to have perfect skin, here is how to do it best

We always talk about skin care, new cosmetic releases, miraculous creams and serums to go back in time, but little space is always given to one of the most important steps: cleansing. Removing make-up from the skin and cleaning it thoroughly, especially in the evening, is important to ensure that what will be applied later can penetrate and act at its best. Not only that, a correct facial cleansing is also the basis of a perfect make-up, prevents imperfections, wrinkles and gives a dull complexion.

Especially those who wear makeup frequently should pay particular attention to how and with what they remove makeup, to avoid irritating the skin and creating micro abrasions, which could compromise their health. The choice falls not only on the product but also on the accessories to use to keep the skin clean, clean and healthy.


Banned make-up remover wipes, except in case of need

Make-up remover wipes should be abolished for two reasons, one from an environmental point of view, the other for the well-being of the skin. In fact, being disposable, they produce a large amount of waste and often it is not possible to recycle them. One or two are used for the whole face, in the case of more complex makeup and thrown into the undifferentiated, often then they are made of material that may contain microplastics. If you really can't do without them, better opt for biodegradable ones, remembering to throw them in the waste container.


The wipes, however, are not only harmful to the environment, but also to the skin. In fact, they are too abrasive, both for the fabric they are made of, and for the mechanical rubbing action that takes place during the cleansing phase. This could lead, in sensitive skin but not only, to a redness of the skin. Not to mention the wipes with incorporated scrub, really too abrasive, which even risk creating micro abrasions.

Replacing disposable make-up remover pads with ecological ones is the choice to make in 2021

They are perhaps the most used to remove make-up: make-up removal pads really represent a source of pollution if you think about how many you use. Making compresses, applying tonic, removing make-up or removing nail polish are just some of the actions we usually perform with these small pieces of cotton. When it's okay, because not all of them are made of pure cotton, they often have mixed materials, even more polluting. As for the wipes, then, they are not recycled in any way, unless they show the word biodegradable on the package.


A valid alternative, however much cheaper, is to use ecological discs made of natural fibers, for example bamboo. They are used in the same way as the classic ones but with the difference that they are reusable. Once you have removed your make-up, just wash them under water with soap or set them aside and wash them in the washing machine, taking care to place them in a net so as not to lose them and not cause the filter to clog. They are definitely softer and therefore perfect for the delicate area around the eyes, but they can also be used to pass the tonic or remove face masks, thus also reducing the consumption of water. Compared to the expense of classic disposable make-up remover pads and the fact that they last many years, the savings are considerable. For those who prefer larger sizes, there are also cloths, similar to those in microfibre, but made of natural and ecological fibers.


Micellar water, make-up remover and two-phase, two great timeless classics

The most classic make-up removers on the market are undoubtedly micellar water and two-phase make-up remover for long-lasting makeup. Nowadays there are really many types of products, suitable for every need and every skin. The micellar waters perform the function of soap (and in part they are) but are designed exclusively to remove make-up and cleanse the face, thus respecting its PH. They now exist for sensitive, dry or oily skin, so as not to stress the skin even in this delicate phase that precedes the actual skincare. On the other hand, biphasic make-up removers are a little more aggressive, because they must dissolve even the most resistant and waterproof make-up. This is why they should only be used if products that are really difficult to dissolve are used, so as not to risk weakening the lashes in the long run. However, it should be specified that, even in this field compared to years ago, the formulations are much more functional and delicate, even for daily use.


Make-up remover oils and double cleansing, the most delicate method to remove make-up

The most delicate method to remove make-up from the face is undoubtedly the double cleansing which uses two types of different products. The first step involves applying an oil, a make-up remover butter or a substance that can dissolve the make-up, without having to rub. The chosen product should in fact be massaged on the eyes and face, taking particular care in the area of ​​the eyelashes, making them pass between the fingertips to delicately dissolve any residual makeup.

Once the first step is finished and all the makeup is dissolved, it is time for phase two of cleansing, which involves the use of a foaming product. Before proceeding, however, the advice is to rinse the face to remove a good part of the oily product. By doing this, less detergent will be used, saving on the product but above all making facial cleansing even more delicate. Among the products to choose the most popular are usually gels, mousses or soaps specific for the face, able to remove the greasy product but also any makeup residues. Many can be used, in the case of very light tricks, even directly without proceeding with the oily phase, but make sure that a suitable use is also specified for the eyes.


Mechanical brushes for face cleaning, the extra accessory to have

They are not really used to remove make-up, but the face cleaning brushes are an accessory to give yourself for an even more optimal cleansing. There are various types, rotating or sonic pulsations, the latter more delicate. Between the vibrations, the pulsations and the particular teeth or bristles of which they are composed, the skin is clean and thoroughly cleansed. In this way, residues not only of make-up but of natural greasiness of the skin, dirt and accumulation of toxins and smog, deposited on the face during the day, are eliminated. They are also perfect for a stimulating massage and significantly reduce the appearance of the skin texture and the notorious blackheads.

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