Rental clothes: fashion adopts the 'Netflix system'

Rental clothes: fashion adopts the 'Netflix system'

From the window to your room at affordable prices. A subscription to hire clothes could be the next revolution in fashion

Buying clothes is something outdated. In a short time all the big brands will offer a subscription rental service.

Is it possible to put a stop to the crazy expenses? Yup! The solution lies in moving from purchase to rental. An idea as simple as it is effective, placed halfway between the desire to do well on a given occasion and the need not to spend a fortune on clothes that tend not to be used often.

Between China and the United States, there are many companies that have launched this service. Just think of the Asian YCloset or the American Rent-to-runaway. The latter, based in New York, was a true pioneer in the sector, activating its service as early as 2009. Staying in the United States, Le Tote, from San Francisco, has also been adapted, while in Europe the innovation of Girl Meets Dress, in London.

Specifically analyzing the proposal, you will only have to select one of the packages offered by the companies in question, so as to gain access to a specific number of items. Over the course of the service it worked well with evening gowns and tuxedos, so as to provide the necessary to best present itself to a great event. However, the turning point towards which we tend concerns a sort of Netflix package, so to speak.

At a fixed cost, linked to the type and number of products rented, you can have access to the entire catalog. We will therefore tend to overcome the blocking of evening dresses, making available a much wider variety of clothes.

This is a way to bring a large number of customers closer to a certain level of clothes and clothes, without having to make bumps to reach the end of the month. A brilliant solution that could put brands like Zara and H&M in serious trouble.

At the moment it is a reality that is still too limited, but it is the first step towards a revolution, as suggested by the founder of Girl Meets Dress in London, which explains how potentially it will be possible to spend half as much as what is usually done today. . After years of consolidating in niche environments, it is time, therefore, for clothes to become mainstream. A simple new subscription to be added to your credit card, from Netflix to Spotify, up to the last clothes in the shop window.

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